The thoracic spine is in the middle section located in your upper back, from your neck down to your abdomen, and built for better mobility and movement, as well as bending and twisting. This is an area where most people experience stiffness from daily activity.

Why Is Thoracic Spine Mobility Important?

When your thoracic spine is working optimally, it allows you to move in all directions and safely execute all the movements you do in your daily activities. A lack of thoracic spine mobility means that the lumbar spine, pelvis, shoulders, and surrounding muscles won’t allow you to move how you want to move and can lead to injury.

When the thoracic spine is immobilized, the lumbar spine will pick up the slack and produce a lack of motion in the thoracic spine. This can lead to low back pain, fatigue, stiffness, and more. 

The thoracic spine also plays a major role in assisting the movement in your neck. Therefore a lack of movement in the thoracic spine can lead to pain in the neck.

How To Improve Thoracic Spine Mobility

Like any postural corrections, changing takes time and has its consistency. It is suggested with a combination of mobility work and soft tissue treatment from a reliable physical therapist. Below, is one of the most common exercises that is proven effective in increasing thoracic extension and rotation.

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The Process: Lying Thoracic Spine Mobility Exercise (Utilizing A Foam Roller)

This is a great exercise to improve thoracic extension and rotation. 

To get started, lie down on your side, start with your hip flexed at a position of 90 degrees, resting your knee on a foam roller. Slide your top hand with the goal being to get your arm to reach the floor on the opposite side. 

Need more convincing to improve your thoracic spine? Watch this video below, as it provides you the better exercise to enhance your thoracic spine mobility:

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