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Massage Therapy In Los Angeles You Need!

Did you know that a Spa Massage isn’t enough to give you that relief you want?

They can rub-on any oil, use aromatherapy, and give you the hardest pressure you can take, but that is not necessarily what your body needs!

Our goal is not only to knead your body but to alleviate your everyday aches and pains with thorough massage therapy and provide relief long after the session is over.

You can experience the freedom of long term pain relief from massage therapy in Los Angeles, CA!

Your Body Needs Balance.!

Our Goal Is Not To Give A Massage. But To Provide Functional Manual Therapy In Los Angeles To Alleviate Everyday Aches And Pains. We Are Providing You Relief Long After The Session Is Over.

We Alleviate the Pain from the Postural Imbalances of Daily Life by Using Manual Therapy & Massage

Do you feel lower back pain after sitting for long periods? The reason for the discomfort is that your Psoas (/ˈsōəs/) Muscles have become shortened due to being in a prolonged contracted state. Anyone in an office knows the struggle of sitting for far too long!

Another problem with working in an office is the aching stiffness of your neck due to your pecs becoming tensed. When your chest muscles are tight, the added pressure forces your shoulders forward, overextending your upper back muscles. Painful posture habits are all around us, but we can give you a solution by doing manual physical therapy to soothe you from the suffering!

The most common reasons for these imbalances are extended periods of computer usage, sitting in traffic, and of course, holding a phone. Thus, if you want to relieve your aching body, get manual physical therapy here in Los Angeles.

That is a 1-hour Massage for only $87 + $40 for In-Home services Or 90 Min Massage for $127 + $40 for In-Home services.


Hip Pain

Relax and relieve hip pain with by applying pressure to your hip muscles and improving blood circulation.

Lower Back Pain

Alleviate the pain in your lower back with massage therapy focusing on the tensed and stretched muscles on your lower back.

Neck Pain

Improve head and neck motion by strengthening the neck and its supporting muscles with massage therapy.

Ankle Pain Therapy | Massage Rx

Ankle Pain

Relieve the pain from ankle sprains with gentle massage therapy focusing on the ankle joint and ligaments.

Leg Pain

Prevent cramps, numbness, and pain in your legs by kneading and pulling the leg muscles to improve blood circulation and relieve tension.

Joint Pain

Alleviate any tensed, cramped, or spasmed joint muscles by applying pressure on the joint caps to reduce stiffness and lower pain sensations.

Pelvic Pain

By focusing on the external structures that affect the pelvis, massage therapy will release any tension that is located in the pelvic floor and joint ligaments.

Abdominal Pain Therapy | Massage Rx

Abdominal Pain

Relaxing the digestive system and any stimulation to the muscles through massage therapy can help to alleviate muscle contractions and abdominal pain.

Head Pain Therapy | Massage Rx

Head Pain

Soothe tension headaches, Migraines, and head pains with gentle massage therapy of the head and temple.

Foot Pain Therapy | Massage Rx

Foot Pain

Restore the function and mobility of your feet and relieve foot pains with a deep massage to your soles.

Total Body Pain

Total relief from all the pains, stress, tension, and fatigue your body may be experiencing with thorough massage therapy.

Shoulder Pain

Improve the posture and mobility of your shoulder joints and reduce shoulder pains with clinical massage therapy.

Knee Pain

Keep your knee mobile and relieve the pain with active tension release and trigger point therapy.


Get Manual Therapy in Los Angeles with Quality Service Guaranteed

Our service comes with a satisfaction guarantee, and If you are not happy with the service, we will give you 20% off of your next session! Please remember if you have been suffering from a painful imbalance for more than 3 months, a one-hour session does not usually solve the problem completely. For long-term pain relief, you need a long-term body balancing game plan, which is why we encourage our clients to sign-up for our Premium Membership! Being a Member allows you to experience the benefits of manual physical therapy in Los Angeles consistently while saving money!

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In Studio 60 min $87 90 min $127 120 min $167

Come into our studio to receive a complete body assessment accompanied with a tailored massage to address your needs.

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In Home 60 min $127 90 min $167 120 min $227

Enjoy the same studio quality massage with our highly skilled therapists without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

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First Time Client 60 min $87 90 min $127

A tailored massage given by our highly skilled massage therapist to address your body pain discomforts

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Corporate Non-Members $117 Members $107

An In office massage event coordinatated by our Massage Rx team in order to fit your staff needs.

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In Studio 60 min $107 90 min $147 120 min $187

Come into our studio to receive a complete body assessment accompanied with a tailored massage to address your needs.

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In Home 60 min $147 90 min $187 120 min $247

Enjoy the same studio quality massage with our highly skilled therapists without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

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Worry-Free Schedules, Discounted Session, Discounted Retail Products, exclusive Member Content and No Hidden Fees.

Feel free to give us a call 626-768-3969 or send an email to, and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

All Massage Rx Manual Therapists are certified, insured, and participate in weekly training of the best bodywork techniques. We pride ourselves in providing you with the most highly skilled functional manual therapist in Los Angeles.

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Countless Clients, Just Like You, Feel The Freedom Of Long Term Pain Relief From Massage Therapy In Los Angeles, CA!


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