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21st Century Massage.

Having the ability to get a professional massage right in your home has always been a part of the experience of living in Los Angeles, but mobile massage’s popularity has absolutely skyrocketed over the last decade. It is now widely recognized as a valid method of therapy for many physiological ailments, and its benefits as a relaxation aid have become a part of the culture of not only Los Angeles, but California as well.

The benefits of a mobile massage in LA are obvious:

  • It saves you money and time — there is no need to go to the clinic and overpay for the same services, and better yet, there’s no waiting in traffic!
  • Home atmosphere — feeling more comfortable at home will help you to relax and tune in for treatment.
  • A convenient, flexible schedule — you do not need to depend on the operating hours of the salon or clinic, as the mobile massage therapist adjusts to your free time.
  • High-quality services — A massage therapist who visits you at home on a routine basis works better for you than a casual visit to a clinic. By getting to know you and your needs through regular sessions, a mobile massage therapist can provide the best service possible.

The cost for massage therapy at home can vary —  it all depends on the experience of the specialist and the range of services they provide, along with what you are personally looking for in the service. The price may pleasantly surprise you however, since there is no need to pay for the mandatory services you will find at many salons and spas.

In-home massage is a very effective and popular means of improving your general well-being and vitality. Another advantage of mobile massage therapy is that its overall effect will be preserved for longer, simply because you don’t have to waste time and effort travelling to see your specialist.

Medical Massage: What Are The Benefits?

Medical massage is a complex effect on the active points of the body that encourages general health improvement. Modern massage techniques have evolved to improve elimination of cosmetic defects such as cellulite, flabbiness, body irregularities and folds. Other techniques of medical massage are used to achieve complete relaxation and enjoyment in order to replenish energy and rid the body of chronic fatigue. 

The benefits of a medical massage procedure are measured by the results that the patient receives after completing the course of the sessions. With this in mind, it is important to choose a qualified in-home massage therapist who is fluent in all the subtleties of the profession, because an incorrectly performed session can sometimes result in a number of additional health problems that may be difficult to eliminate. To make sure your expectations will be met with positive results, contact Massage Rx LA for a consultation. We employ professionally certified therapists who have many years of practical experience in the field of massage techniques, and they are constantly improving and refining their skills.

We offer convenient options for medical massage in Los Angeles that include performing the procedure at our master’s studio, directly in your home, or at our local parlor.

Full Body Massage

Massage At The Master’s Place

Some patients do not like to appear in massage parlors, preferring to be alone with a therapist without having to worry about prying eyes. If you do not want salon personnel and other clients to know that you are using our massage services, or if you are not comfortable inviting a stranger into your home, you can get your massage done at the master’s place. This is convenient for several reasons:

  • It creates a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere between you and the massage therapist.
  • You do not need to visit the salon and meet with staff and other clients;
  • Being alone with the master, you can be frank and tell him about your expected results in more detail.
  • If you are uncomfortable with letting a stranger into your home, you can still receive your treatment in a private setting.
  • You can complete your massage course in an anonymous environment.

Your Los Angeles massage session at the master’s place will be just as professional and skillful as it would be in our local salon, with the additional benefit of complete relaxation, which will allow the therapist to achieve better results than you may be expecting. A massage session at the master’s place is an excellent choice for people who are concerned about their psychological comfort.

Massage At The Client’s Home

Is life keeping you busy and you just don’t have extra time to travel to the salon? Then the services of an in-home mobile massage from Massage Rx LA may be perfect for you! All you have to do is to schedule a convenient time for your session and give us an address where you would like to meet our therapist. There are several advantages to an in-home massage:

  • You do not need to waste time on the road.
  • You are in a familiar and comfortable environment.
  • It is easier for you to relax when being alone with a massage therapist.
  • You are franker in matters of your health and comfort.
  • You do not need to visit the massage parlor and run into other visitors. 

If you have small children who cannot be left unattended, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t treat yourself to a pleasant and useful massage procedure; just sign up for a session of in-home massage with Massage Rx LA and we’ll be glad to help you!

An in-home massage through our service is extremely convenient because it doesn’t require any extra actions from you — all you have to do is schedule an appointment and let us do the rest. Our therapist will come prepared for your ultimate satisfaction and comfort.

Massage At Our Specialized Parlor

If you would prefer to be pampered in our specialized massage studio, all you have to do is contact us to schedule a convenient time. The benefits of a studio massage with Massage Rx LA are the following:

  • Everything you need for a session will be in the salon.
  • A clean, cozy, and warm room creates a relaxing atmosphere.
  • There are only two people in the room — you and the massage therapist.
  • You can visually assess the professionalism of your therapist in his usual working conditions.
  • The experienced staff of our massage company will advise you on all issues of interest.

A session in our downtown LA massage parlor is your best choice if you are used to everything being official and on schedule. When you arrive, you will be greeted by the friendly employees of our salon who will do their best to make you feel at home.

Massage: Pros And Cons For Your Health

Research has shown that massage is an excellent resource for bolstering physical health and helping prevent chronic diseases. Unfortunately, there is another side to the coin — under the wrong conditions, this normally pleasant and relaxing procedure can cause significant damage to human health. Although minor pain and temporary discomfort after a first-time deep tissue massage are common, you can avoid other negative side effects by considering all the pros and cons a massage can mean for your health.

The Pros Of The Procedure

Getting a massage by an experienced massage therapist will leave you not only in a great mood with a feeling of renewal, but will also cleanse your skin of dead epidermal cells and increase your muscle tone. In essence, a full body massage is a fantastic way to completely rejuvenate your mind and your skin!

Massage therapy can also improve the functioning of the peripheral and central nervous system by triggering a complex chain of reflex reactions, leading to general rehabilitation and the elimination of many primary pathological processes.

In order to feel the full healing effects of massage therapy, you should consider a course that consists of at least 10-15 sessions, performed every day or every other day, depending on the initial state of your health and your doctor’s advice.

The Cons Of The Procedure

Keep in mind that any massage procedure should be performed by a professional, and that a poorly-prepared therapist can seriously damage your health.

An improperly applied massage by an inexperienced therapist can:

  • Leave bruises on your skin, muscles, and nerves
  • Aggravate existing injuries
  • Put mild or serious stress on the nervous system
  • Temporarily or permanently impair athletic performance

In addition, there are a number of conditions and diseases that can be complicated — or even magnified — by a massage. Massage procedure is also strictly prohibited for a person who may be suffering from an acute inflammatory process or an increased temperature.

Many experts claim that unqualified massage may lead to nerve damage, muscle tissue damage, and inflammatory changes. According to Robert Gotlin, a sports physician from the Bat Israel Medical Center of New York, about 15% of people who receive an unqualified procedure need restorative treatment afterwards.

Undoubtedly, massage brings more benefits than harm, but you can significantly improve your health only if you are in the skillful hands of a professional massage therapist. Massage Rx LA offers all of the modern massage services, with high quality and professionalism.

Regardless of which place you choose for performing the procedure, an experienced master with full responsibility will approach the provision of services in a manner that benefits you.

If you have any concerns about potential reactions from a massage treatment, consult with your doctor.

Massage In Los Angeles: What Techniques Do We Use?

Massage techniques throughout the world can be very different, depending on where they are performed and what they are influenced by. No matter where you get a massage, however, the techniques that have been perfected over the centuries have been combined into two world systems for easy classification: European and Eastern. 

The European Technique

European massage unites the knowledge and technology of such countries as Russia, Sweden, and Finland. It is generally accepted that the studies of Russian practitioners became the basis of this so-called “classical” massage, which is the most commonly used technique throughout the world.

The main methods of classical massage are stroking, rubbing, petrissage (kneading), and vibration, with each having its own role and therapeutic effect.

Stroking during the massage improves skin elasticity, blood and lymphatic circulation, reduces pain, improves vascular tone, enhances the processes of inhibition in the cerebral cortex, and reduces the increased muscle tone. This method is an integral part of sports massage, especially in Los Angeles.

Rubbing is aimed at improving tissue mobility, loosening and comminution of pathological deposits, and warming of the body’s tissues. It also has an analgesic effect.

Petrissage helps to get rid of deep pathological deposits, swelling, and stagnation. In addition, it improves the blood supply to the muscles, their nutrition and regeneration, and restores their normal function.

The use of vibration in a classic deep tissue massage contributes to the improvement of blood circulation, increases muscle tone, and can lower or increase blood pressure.

The Eastern Technique

Eastern massage, originally defined and perfected in Asian countries, has recently become a part of European medicine. It is performed by targeting individual points on the body, also known as acupressure.

This procedure is performed only with the fingertips. From the European medicine point of view, when you press on the acupressure points, it causes the release of endorphins which block pain. Eastern massage allows doctors from all over the globe to successfully use this ancient practice for the treatment of headaches, joint diseases, hypertension, bronchial asthma, and even ulcers.