Pelvic Pain Therapy

The Solution to the Pain in Your Pelvic Area here in Los Angeles

There are several causes of pelvic pain and in the majority of cases, doctors can find little to no physical cause for these symptoms and tests often come back as normal. Some individuals may experience only one symptom while others experience many. Symptoms will vary day-to-day, as do the areas but the trigger for these is often the same; Tension. When muscles are tense, they create inconvenient conditions for all the nerves, blood vessels, and organs in that region of the body. This can also become a cycle of tension that creates pain, which causes anxiety and even more tension, which creates more pain. But with massage therapy, it can alleviate the pain and reduce the tension of the pelvis. If you require relief from pelvic pain here in Burbank, then don’t hesitate to contact Massage Rx.

Pelvic pain is often linked to the sensitive holding of the body. One of the ways individuals with pelvic pain deal with in life is the tightening of the pelvic floor muscles. We are so used to preserving and covering our pelvic floor muscles that releasing it can feel like an exposure. Muscles have great potential to cause pain and many muscles get affected in the pelvic region.

An individual’s opinion of pain, regardless of its cause, can lead to both reflexive and involuntary muscle contraction, which may result in further pain and discomfort. All muscles also can develop trigger points. Many of the muscles that affect the pelvis will refer to pain from a trigger point into the pelvic region and can even cause symptoms such as genital and rectal pain and even bladder symptoms.

Why Massage Therapy Should Be Part Of Your Wellness Regime

Massage therapy should be a part of your pelvic health wellness. It acts as a pleasing supplement to your pelvic health treatment, especially when the inner therapies the therapist may do are very painful which can help individuals to tolerate the pain early on. Clinical massage therapy will focus on the external structures that affect the pelvis. It will release any trigger points and tension that is located in the pelvic region along with a direct release for the pelvic floor and pelvic joint ligaments.

The Relief of Pelvic Pain Here In Burbank

With such comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the pelvis, you can trust Massage Rx in delivering the appropriate massage therapy for your pelvic pain. Depending on the pain and the area of the tension, you may require any of the following massage therapies: Swedish massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports massage, Prenatal massage, Chair massage, Couples massage.

So contact Massage Rx now and be relieved of the pain you suffer. Contact us at (number) and feel good as new.