Ankle Pain Therapy

Alleviate Your Chronic Ankle Pain With Physical Massage Therapy in Los Angeles

A sprained ankle is a common sports injury. Anyone active in sports and physical activities has experienced them. There are several different types of ankle sprains, it can be chronic or acute and can range from simple to severe. While there are treatments available to help with the injury, massaging your ankle on your own shouldn’t be attempted, even for other injuries. That should be done by a professional therapist who has the qualifications and met the standards of practice for therapy. At Massage Rx, we can alleviate your ankle pain here in Beverly Hills with the help of our licensed therapists.

What to do with Your Ankle Pain?

For acute ankle pains, massage therapy may have some benefits. But it is important to have standard treatment for your ankle. RICE or rest, ice, compression, and elevation is a guideline developed by professionals to help ease the pain in the ankle. Again, it shouldn’t be done immediately following an injury. In the first few days, it isn’t recommended to touch the injury. In certain situations, there is nothing wrong with having massage therapy on the injured ankle. However, it should be done with restraint. The ankle should not be twisted, moved or touched violently while it’s still fragile. Getting a slow and gentle massage on the injured ankle can have benefits. In some cases, it might help calm the injured person down and alleviate some of the pain.

After about 72 hours, it’s presumably fine to advance to a more conventional type of therapeutic massage, but this can differ as every situation has its own set of unique circumstances. For an inversion sprain caused by a rolled ankle, the ligaments may need to be worked in two positions: plantarflexion and dorsiflexion. This is done for about 20 seconds in each location and every position.
There’s nothing wrong with this as a technique. Some discomfort in the injured ankle might occur, but this method should never be painful. If there is any pain or distress the treatment should end right away.

Get the Best Massage Therapy in Los Angeles

After a long period of suffering ankle pain, a healthy relaxation and massage service will help relieve the stress and tension in your body. Avail to our massage therapy sessions and be refreshed both body and soul.

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