Joint Pain Therapy

Alleviate Your Joint Pains with Massage Therapy here in Los Angeles

You can often hear many people complain about their achy joints, especially hips, knees, hands, and wrists. These conditions are especially problematic as they can hinder daily activities and affect your work performance and home life. But with the assistance of physical massage therapy, you can feel relief and relaxation from the suffering of joint pain. At Massage Rx, we provide clinical massage therapy for your joint pains here in Burbank. Not only will we relieve you from the pain of your joints, but we also help in promoting the fast healing of your body and improve your immune system.

The Reason Your Joints Hurts

Some joint problems are considered regional affectations due to injuries and minor accidents that caused temporary swelling, inflammation, and achiness of the joints. Or the condition might fall under the category of degenerative joint disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis, whereby irritation, inflammation, and general deterioration of the joint have no permanent and long term solution.

Most of our joints bear the weight of everything we do in our everyday life and many face repetitive movements from work or activities. The tough and tender components of our joints are coated in fluids to keep them moving smoothly and to keep nutrition flowing to the cells. Several factors can lead to the breakdown of these joint structures, such as inadequate nutrition, overwork, overstress, excess weight, especially on hips, knees, and ankles, strained muscle tendon and ligament attachments or even careless exercise that puts a strain on surrounding structures creating imbalance and misalignment.

Effective Solution to Your Joint Pains

Massage therapy can be highly effective in easing the pain and inflammation of arthritic conditions. The warmth, feeling, and gentle movements become nurturance to areas tormented by chronic joint pain. However, for therapists as well as patients, arthritic conditions have stages, and massage may not be beneficial during the acute stage, also referred to as the flare-up stage, where it is too painful to touch or manipulate the joints. When a patient is in the sub-acute stage, a state that may be uncomfortable, but not inflamed, massage can help alleviate any tensed, cramped, or spasmed muscle by creating pressure on the joint caps. This may reduce stiffness and lower pain sensations.

Massage Rx is Here to Help

Thus, if you want relief from your joint pain, then contact Massage Rx for all your therapeutic needs. We also offer massage therapy for relaxation and stress relief including Swedish massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports massage, Prenatal massage, Chair massage, Couples massage.

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