Lower Back Pain

Have you ever experienced lower back pain?

It can affect every aspect of your daily life, from causing you to miss a day at the gym to lowering your performance at work. When your lower back is in pain, you suffer not only physically, but psychologically and emotionally.

At MassageRx, our goal is to help you stop feeling the agonizing effects of lower back pain, so you can start living your best life! Our team uses an active form of manual therapy that produces long-term results, because we want you to be out exploring the world with your loved ones, instead of laying on top of an ice pack.

What Causes
Lower Back Pain?

Lower Back pain is one of the most common types of pain experienced by people worldwide. Experts report that 80% of the population is affected by lower back pain during their lives. Not surprising since it is a condition that affects everyone from children to the elderly.

The back is a complex network of muscles, bones, ligaments, and joints, and there are many possible ways to develop pain in this area through injury, poor posture, muscle fatigue, and even illness.
To give you an idea of the numerous possible sources of your back pain, here is a list of the most problematic muscles and soft tissue areas in your lower back: (From most to least problematic.)

Gluteus medius, Psoas/ Iliacus, Deep Spinal Muscles, Superficial Spinal Muscles, Quadratus Lumborum, Gluteus Maximus, Rectus Abdominis, Soleus, and Pelvic Floor Muscles.

Lower Back Pain Therapy Los Angeles - Massage Rx

Thankfully, most lower back pain can be categorized as mechanical or non-organic, which means that a severe medical condition does not cause it. The pain affecting your lower back can be broken down into two categories:

A protective response of the body that occurs due to injury or an inflamed condition – cuts, fractures, kidney pain. Usually, this pain lasts no more than 6 weeks, with proper treatment and care.

A long-lasting pain that affects your daily function as well as your mental health and social life. This pain usually persists for more than 3 months and is classified as arthritis in severe cases, or musculoskeletal pain.

Massage Rx is unlike any massage company you have ever experienced. Our team is continually trained in the physiology and anatomy of your body, along with the most effective methods to relieve lower back pain in Los Angeles.

We identify the root cause of your pain and work with you to recover your health and break free of the pain! Even when the pain makes it challenging to come into our studio, we offer the best in-home massage in Los Angeles.

You receive skilled service in the comfort of your home or office — all the benefits of expert massage therapy on your schedule, without any of the LA traffic.

What are the Effects of Lower Back Pain?

As mentioned before, the effects of lower back pain can run deep, affecting your body’s mobility, as well as your cognitive function and emotional health. The effects of acute or chronic lower back pain range significantly, affecting your fitness, work performance, family time, and other social interactions.

Generally, most symptoms include:

  • Disrupted sleep patterns
  • Limited mobility and flexibility
  • Exercise prevention
  • Inability to complete basic household chores
  • Social isolation
  • Mood swings and depression
  • Decreased cognitive function (critical thinking, reasoning, focus, and memory)

Lower back pain manifests in a variety of ways that can tremendously affect the way you live. Below we take a closer look at how this commonly ignored pain can damage critical areas of your life if left unresolved.

Elevate Your Life with a Lower Back Pain Specialist in Los Angeles

Americans spend over $50 billion in healthcare each year as a direct result of lower back pain! The financial stress alone is enough to cause a strain in any family or relationship. However, when in combination with the pain and limited physical mobility, lower back problems can result in mild to severe depression. This frame of thought then, unfortunately, leads to social isolation, as you try to prevent the spread of your symptoms to your loved ones. Many of our clients report that while experiencing lower back problems, they subconsciously pushed away family members, canceled vacation plans, or even going as far as lashing out uncharacteristic temperament.

When the pain begins to take over your life, you almost become a different person! The Massage Rx Team understands that not only your health but your livelihood is on the line. Our methods are unlike your average massage studio. We first help you relieve your pain and then equip you with the tools needed to prevent future suffering long after your session.

How does Lower Back Pain Affect Work Performance?

Lower back pain accounts for an estimated 264 million missed workdays in the United States every year. These days are lost usually when the pain becomes unbearable, and you have no other choice, but the real damage occurs in the months or even years leading up to you calling in sick. Since your sleep pattern becomes disrupted, your mood then shifts unexpectedly due to a lack of rest, making it harder to maintain a positive work demeanor. Along with this change in your attitude, your reasoning skills become more sporadic and shallow.

The combination of these 3 effects, along with the physical pain, can be detrimental to overall performance and may cause you to lose out on that next big promotion. At Massage Rx, we train our therapists to relieve your lower back pain through a rigorous assessment to find the root cause of your pain, because we know that improving your health means elevating your life as well!

*Please note, it is our professional recommendation that you visit your doctor if you are experiencing severe debilitating back pain.

Get Long-Term Relief with Back Pain Therapy in Burbank

Stop wasting your time and money on pain relief treatments that aim to soothe your body for a short time. Unlike all those other massage services, our first and only mission is to ensure you receive the health care you need for long-term pain-relieving results! The back is a complex system.

It must be appropriately treated to make a full recovery. So we understand that while massage therapy has many benefits, some conditions must be addressed by a medical doctor. For this reason, we start your session with a Full Body Standing Assessment along with other tests, to fully evaluate the severity and source of your lower back pain.

Your Massage Rx Lower Back Pain Therapy in Burbank is as follows:

After your standing assessment, we then conduct a variety of body motion tests to nail down the specific problem area. These tests may include the Faber Test, Thomas Test, or various other motions to test the flexibility, position, and rotation of your hips.

After establishing the root cause of the pain, your therapist then lays out the main objective of your session. This goal could include balancing the pelvis, activating weak muscles, deactivate any Quadratic Lumbar trigger, or releasing the tension of the adductors.

At the end of your session, the therapist then retests your range of motion, strength, flexibility, and muscle firing patterns for any improvement.

Following the session, your therapist puts together a full Wellness Plan custom-tailored to your recovery needs. Your plan includes a set of stretches and exercises to improve the health of your back muscles.

The Best Lower Back Pain Treatment in Los Angeles

Our goal for your lower back pain therapy in Burbank and Beverly Hills is to help balance your body, correct your posture, and release muscle tension. We aim to optimize the movements of your body by relieving pain and vastly improving your range of motion!

Come to experience Massage Rx. Let us help you find your balance.

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