Foot Pain Therapy

In Los Angeles, Foot Pain is Not in Style

The worst part about foot pain is that it takes a toll on your entire body. Your calves feel tight, knees are creaking, and the tension mounting in your lower back is excruciating. This state of body exhaustion forces you to restrict your schedule to only include your essential responsibilities, sadly leaving the fun times on the cutting room floor.

Massage Rx wants you to experience everything life has to offer, whether that is hiking in the Hollywood Hills, taking your family to Disneyland, or surfing in Malibu. Our goal is to restore the function and mobility to your life through expert manual therapy. We want you to feel incredible from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head!

Chronic Foot Pain Will Ruin Your Posture

Your feet ensure the rest of your body is standing tall. When your feet are in pain, it forces your body to move in an irregular pattern to compensate. Aching pain then arises from the weight of your body not being distributed evenly, leading to an imbalance of your posture.

To assess why your body is off-balance, your manual therapist will first observe the angle of your stride. They are checking to see if your feet are excessively pronated, supinated, or flat.

  • Pronated feet are angled inward, placing most of the weight on the outside and ball.
  • Supinated feet are angled outward, placing most of the weight on the inside and heel.
  • Flat feet have no arch support and, as such, place most of the weight on the middle and heel of your foot.

*If you have flat feet, you are more susceptible to developing a condition known as Plantar Fasciitis.

These various foot positions alter the alignment of your legs, pelvis, and back. Our methods are so effective we bring relief to people suffering from symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis and Morton’s Toe.

Feel Relief From Foot Pain in Burbank

Massage Rx is unlike any massage company you have ever experienced. Our team is continually trained in the physiology and anatomy of your body, along with the most effective methods to restore proper function and posture. Even when the pain makes it challenging to come into our studio, we offer the best in-home massage in Los Angeles. All the benefits of expert manual therapy on your schedule, without any of the LA traffic.

We also offer massage therapies for relaxation and stress relief such as, Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, Sports massage, Prenatal massage, Chair massage, Couples massage whether in-home or in our studio.

Our manual therapists are the most sought after in Los Angeles, meaning space is limited, and it is going fast! Call (number) or schedule your clinical physical therapy today!

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