Neck Pain Therapy

Get Professional Head and Neck Pain Specialist in Los Angeles

Neck Headache, or as known medically – a Cervicogenic Headache, is a secondary headache ailment. In other words, your headache is caused by a neck joint problem. The most likely sources of your neck headache are dysfunction of either your upper neck joints, neck muscles, or nerves, which is what connects your body to your brain.

Having chronic neck pains can be difficult since it supports our head which we move around constantly. A common option to treat chronic neck pain is physical therapy and what better way to get it is by getting professional therapists from Massage Rx. We provide neck pain treatment specialist in Los Angeles. Most therapy uses specific methods and exercises to reduce pain and/or stiffness in order to begin exercise programs to strengthen and stretch the neck. Physical therapy plans can vary from each person as well as the duration of the treatment.

Goals of Physical Therapy for Neck Pain

Physical therapy for neck pain typically includes the following goals:

  • Relieve pain and stiffness
  • Improve head and neck range of motion
  • Develop effective strengthening of the neck and its supporting muscles
  • Prevent pain from recurring

Even if pain cannot be completely eliminated, physical therapy may help improve your posture and prevent any further issues with your neck. Get relief from neck pain in Burbank.

When Physical Therapy May Be Recommended

Physical therapy for neck pains might be recommended in a variety of cases, such as:

When neck pain hinders function or keeps recurring. Increasing the strength of the neck’s muscles may help them support the spine and become more resistant to pain.

Some injuries can damage the neck’s soft tissues and joints, resulting in pain and/or stiffness that can last for weeks or much longer. A physical therapy program can reduce pain and help return the neck to normal functioning.

Surgeries on the neck can result in pain and stiffness in weeks or months that follow. In such cases, physical therapy may help to relieve stiffness, increase neck function, and reduce or prevent painful spasms as the muscles are healing.

It’s Time to Alleviate Your Neck Pain in Los Angeles

Thus, if you are looking for a therapeutic neck pain therapist in Los Angeles, CA, and Beverly Hills, then contact Massage Rx for professional physical therapy. Whether it’s in-home or in our studio, our professional therapists will accommodate your every therapeutic need.

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