Total Body Pain Therapy

Relieve the Fatigue and Total Body Pain with Massage Therapy in Los Angeles

Labor extensive work can be tiring to the entire body. Body pains may occur and greatly affect your day to day life. With a full body massage, you’ll get an alleviating experience as we massage key points in your body that have collected stress and tension from work. At Massage Rx, we can relieve you of your total body pain here in Burbank.

How Total Body Pain Massage Works

A total body massage involves massaging all parts of a person’s body and utilizing different techniques depending on the patient’s therapeutic goals. Clients may be required to only remain on a towel and lie on a table or a massage bed.

Here are key points in the body that constituents of a full body Massage.

Massaging the arms is done by targeting the tensed muscles and joints. Massage can be done for this area to ensure complete relief as pressure is applied to relax muscles and ensure fatigue or pain is eliminated from the arms. Muscles on the lower arm can also be massaged to ensure complete healing is achieved.

Leg muscles could be stiff and with a lot of fatigue causing pain when you walk. To relieve people from fatigue to muscle pain, massage therapists apply pressure during a massage which helps relax the fascia and muscles making them work perfectly as needed.

Massaging the back is a common form of massage therapy many people undergo. Many people experience fatigue in those areas and sometimes, pain can radiate to the head or the lower limbs. Due to the large size of the back muscles, the immense pressure could be used to achieve maximum impact.

Abdominal muscles have always been known to cause cramps whenever altered. The fascia may shrink causing forceful cramping of muscles that normally leads to pain.

It’s Not Magic, It’s Therapeutic Massage

You may think that massage therapists are applying pressure randomly but they target specific muscles in your body and understand the body’s anatomy and physiology so well that they know how every area is anatomically and functionally related. Depending on the patient’s therapeutic needs, we utilize different massage techniques to suit the body’s needs. Swedish massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Prenatal massage, Chair massage, and even, Couples Massage, our therapist can provide all of it. So if you’re looking for relief from total body pain in Burbank, don’t hesitate to contact Massage Rx.

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