You have probably typed in your search bar “best massage near me” many times, each time you look through dozens of body work services in an almost never ending quest to find the right fit for your needs.

Massage Rx is here to tell you that your search for the “best massage near me” is finally over!

We are a professional massage company that has been servicing Los Angeles for over 3 years! Our mission is to elevate the health and wellness of our community through the incredible benefits of massage therapy. Our network of certified in home and clincal therapists are continually trained in Myofascial release, Trigger Point therapy, Postural correction, Deep Tissue massage, and PNF/MAT stretching. We understand the beautiful diversity of our clients and ensure that every session is custom tailored to meet your individual massage needs.


Massage Rx is Dedicated to your Health and Wellness!

In studio clinical, corporate office, or mobile in home clinical massage, our therapists use their years of experience and strict training to elevate your health. Our clients leave their massage with a wellness program to help you reach your individual goals and get the most out of your therapeutic experience.

What We Offer

Woman lying on table, getting a back massage from a Massage Rx LA employee

In Studio Massage

A professional clinical environment for rehabilitation and recovery massage

Woman lying on massage table at spa, getting a shoulder massage from a Massage Rx LA employee

In Home Massage

Feel reinvigorated with a therapeutic in-home massage on your schedule

Man lying face down on massage chair, getting a back massage from a Massage Rx LA employee

Corporate Massage

Inspire your team with an in-office massage to increase productivity and boost morale


A message from our team of trained and experienced therapists.

Our Happy Clients

At Massage Rx we customize your massage experience to meet your individual health goals.