Massage Rx Individual Membership Program

Regular bodywork maintenance will help you achieve your health goals by improving your range of movement, relieve chronic pain, speeding up the body’s natural recovery, and invigorating your body through therapeutic massage therapy. So if you are enthusiastic about healthy living and being at your best, then you will greatly benefit from our Individual Membership program.

Experience all the self-care Massage Rx’s Individual Membership has to offer. Get access to monthly benefits and services at lower membership rates, perks for the family and discounts on additional services. It’s your chance to keep your body working better than it ever would. As a Massage Rx Individual Member, you will be taking your health to the next level with help from the experienced healing hands of our massage therapy experts.

The Perks of Our Healthy Individual Membership

Sign up for a membership with Massage Rx and get discounted rates exclusively offered to members. Best of all there are no annual or activation fees.

There’s something for everyone with our variety of membership perks such as:

Members get one monthly studio or in-home massage service of their choice, to best meet their wellness needs and personal schedule.

We understand that life happens at a fast pace, so unused monthly sessions roll over for up to 2 months, allowing members to use their services when time allows.

Members can schedule additional monthly services at a discounted member rate.

There is no additional startup cost to become a member, and unused monthly services can be transferred to a family member for free.

Receive up to 20% discount on specified massage therapy services.

All members get exclusive access to the Check and Correct Program, elevating your health and wellness even after your sessions are complete.

Include Us in Your Wellness Routine

Becoming a Massage Rx Member is the best way to help you achieve your health goals. Through MAT stretching, postural correction, and custom therapeutic massage therapy, we will help you build a wellness routine tailored to your individual needs.

All rates are guaranteed for a year from the date of membership activation. No signup or activation fees required. Early cancellation fees can be waived at the discretion of management.

It is time to take steps to elevate your health. Start your journey with us and become an Individual Member today.

You can visit us in our massage studios in Glendale and Burbank, or call us at (number) for more information about your new Massage RX Individual Membership program.