Life with Comfort. Three Steps to Get Rid of the Back Pain.

We all like to wake up with comfort in the sunrays and go to the kitchen to make a cup of a fragrant coffee. This ideal picture may be completely broken if you have a pain in your back. With such problem, not only morning awakening but also each second of your working day may seem a real torture. Our guide will help you back to the normal life and completely get rid of the annoying back pain that turns you into a grumpy monster.

We have collected three main steps to get the desired result and forget about this problem forever. Try to read carefully each of them and in the short period of time, you will be again in the ideal mood and health condition. We have only one life and only one body – don’t be indifferent to your health.

Step #1. Look closer to your body and find a source of the pain.

No one except you will take care of your wellness. This is your body and your organism and you are the one who bears the whole responsibility for it. As in any health problem, it is extremely important to notice the problem on time. Just compare the two absolutely different situations:

  1. You have noticed a pain in your back when doing performing certain activities and immediately ask for a professional help of the doctor;
  2. You started noticing the pain several days/weeks ago and think that it will go away if you limit the physical activities. It is not so critical and you “simply don’t have time to go to the specialist”.

Do you feel the difference? It is obvious that the earlier you pay attention to the pain, try to find its source, understand when it occurs, and ask for a professional help, the less time you will need to get rid of it.

In most cases, you will be prescribed several massage sessions or stretching exercises. If the pain is too much or the overall process is neglected, you may be prescribed painkillers.

2. Do stretching every day.

Yes, we know what you will say. You don’t have time in the morning, you are too exhausted in the evening, and so on. Just remember the one simple rule – less than five minutes of stretching every day will provide you with the surprising result. You will feel it in a few days already.

The main thing is to do it regularly. Believe us, five extra minutes of sleeping will not save you but may give a great benefit to your health condition and eliminate any possible problems with the spine.

Just find the video with best stretches and charge yourself with energy and good temper for the whole day.

3. Choose correct exercises for your particular case.

So, you have finally decided to do morning exercises and felt the result. Now, you want more physical activities and don’t know what exercise to choose not to harm but to get the maximal benefit to your health and to get read of the back pain.

Prior to providing you with the examples, we want to claim that any exercise, starting from the gentlest and to the moderate one, can provide you with the back pain relief. It’s up to you how difficult will be your exercises, the only thing you should take into account is that it is recommended to do everything gradually. If yesterday you did the morning exercise and today decided to run four kilometers, your back definitely will not say “thank you”. Start from the simplest exercises and increase the load every day.

There are two exercises that are recommended by the professionals in most cases and you will be surprised at how simple they are.

  1. First of all, choose walking. In the age of cars, buses, bikes, hoverboards, and lots of other modern vehicles, we simply forget to walk. This set of simple movements will not only help you to get rid of the pain in the back, but also improve overall health condition and provide with the good mood and sound sleep.
  2. Yoga exercises greatly improve the health condition by strengthening the muscles. Working on the muscles state, you will notice the improvement of your posture and feel the back pain relief. Moreover, it will stabilize the nervous system which means you get higher productivity, good mood, and sound sleep.

Be Active!

Summing up everything mentioned above and giving the last one advice, we recommend you to lead an active lifestyle. The more you move during a day, the better will be your health condition and the fewer injuries you will feel from lifting or long sitting in one position. Of course, we all go to work and most of us spend days in offices, active lifestyle is still possible. Just walk home instead of driving or taking the bus, and try to spend your weekends maximally actively.

When performing our “magic steps” each day, you will see the result in the comparably short time period. The pain in your back will go away and you will forget about it as a nightmare. In addition to the tips given in our article, we also recommend you to get a course of therapeutic massage which also will have to significantly eliminate the pain and improve the overall well-being. The most important moment here is to entrust this work to the professionals, otherwise, you can even worsen the current health condition.

Professional advice. Necessary or not?

We all ask for advice when we need help. And most often we go to our close friends or relatives instead of professional specialists. Is it a good decision and how it could end up we will discuss in this article.

I am a massage therapist for more than twenty-five years and for this term I have seen a lot of cases. Some of them were funny, others – serious but where to refer this one I even don’t know.

One day a young sportsman entered my cabinet and complained of a serious ankle injury. Because of the strange smell that enveloped him like a cloud, I doubted his sobriety and asked whether he is drunk. His answer or rather his unbelievable story shocked me and I decided to tell it to you.

The guy was a professional athlete and actually, he was used to different injuries. But one day his friend advised him a new “super method” of how to heal the muscle, tendon or ligament injury up to three times faster than always. The method was simple as all ingenious – each time after getting an injury he should apply Vodka, whiskey or other alcohol to it.

The “specialist” who gave him such tip, of course, didn’t know that for getting the result he should apply not the drinking alcohol but the rubbing one… So, what has happened? First of all, smell. The smell of the strong alcohol has pursued him wherever he goes. The athlete’s wife didn’t want even to touch him because of it, while other people were trying to stay away from him. But the expected result was too tempting to stop this.

The end of this story is obvious – sportsman has ended up in the massage cabinet with the strong alcohol smell and with even worse situation than he had at the very beginning.

This situation may seem funny but actually, it isn’t. This method does work but only if you apply the rubbing alcohol. Yes, the result will come much faster and the healing comes in a much shorter period of time.

What is the moral of this story? Having friends is great. Having smart friends – even better. But nevertheless, regardless of the level of “professionalism” of your friends, it is ALWAYS better to get qualified help. Ask the specialists about your particular case, get professional advice and only after this start your treatment. Only in such case, the expected and actual results will be the same.

11 Tips to Get the Best Massage Ever

Our modern life is full of important decisions, permanent challenges, responsibility, and worrying. Of course, all of this is accompanied by the stress, nerves, and tense anxiety. Because of this crazy rush each of us wants to take a pause and get rid of the physical and psychological stress with the session of relaxing massage. But how to enjoy it maximally and get the maximal benefit to the health? We have prepared 11 tips for our readers that will help each of you to get the best massage ever. Ready to start?

Tip #1: Stretching.

First of all, we recommend you to stretch a bit prior to going to the massage parlor. This will help you to relax, get rid of psychological tension, and both physically and psychologically prepare for the procedure. The stretching will also help your therapist to locate problem areas (if any) and to choose the most suitable massage technique.

Tip #2: Preparing to disrobe.

It is obvious that the therapist will need to get to your skin to do the massage. You will save time if undress in advance. You can leave the underwear. Do this alone in the room and when you will be fully prepared, laying on the massage table under the sheet, you can call your therapist. As a rule, he will be waiting in the next room.

Tip #3: Notify the therapist about your pain.

In case if you have a pain in your back or any other part of the body you have to immediately notify your masseuse about this. He will be able to choose the necessary type of massage for your particular case. For example, in case of back pain, specialists recommend hand massage instead of the traditional one in order not to worsen the situation and maximally eliminate the pain.

Tip #4:

Talk to your therapist. We understand that while massaging talking is definitely not the thing you want to do but believe us, it is important. You don’t have to tell the story of your life to the masseuse but we recommend to say which techniques do you like or nor and which of the therapist’s massage movements are the most pleasant to you. It will help you not only to enjoy the massage but to get the maximal benefits of it.

Tip #5: Don’t be late.

Even if not take into account the etiquette side of this question (although it is also extremely important), being late on the massage session has its own disadvantages. In most cases, if you are late, you barge into the massage salon in a furious state, fully sweat, with the greatly increased level of stress and corresponding mood. None of these factors contributes the good massage as the therapist need to calm you down, maximally relax your body, and only after this start the procedure itself. It takes additional time reducing the priceless time of the massage. Try to manage your time and come a bit early or at least, on time.

Tip #6: Don’t think you know better what you need.

People are strange creatures. We think that no one except us knows better what we need. But believe us, knows. If in your case doctor strictly prohibited you from getting a massage, don’t do this. A lot of people think that this procedure will help them get rid of the pain by soothing their muscles. Yes, it will, but only if it can be used in your particular case. Always contact the doctor prior to visiting the massage parlor if you have any health problems.

Tip #7: Consider non-human massage.

When hearing about the massage, we all think about the human massage. Nevertheless, nowadays you can find many pools with the special jets that also can massage your body. As well as the traditional human massage, this type also can relieve the pain and help to get rid of physical and psychological tension.

Tip #8: Shiatsu massage? Why not!

This type of the massage is widely used for maximally fast relief of the tired muscles. The masseuse gently applies firm pressure into the parts of your body that should be soothed and after this quickly release it. The effect of this massage is unique and noticeable almost immediately- you feel absolutely refreshed. Professional massage technologists claim that this technique is a good choice both for sportsmen preparing for competitions and for people who are just tired after the nervous working day.

Tip #9: Use oil.

Specialists recommend using oil for massaging in order to reduce the friction. You can use baby oil as well as any other type, such as sunflower or apricot seeds oil. Each of them will provide you with the desired result and, in addition to this, improve skin condition. For the maximal effect, we recommend you to warm the oil in your hands. It will make the process more pleasant and sooth your body more quickly.

Tip #10: Soak in the bath.

It sounds like the best tip from us but besides the undeniable pleasure, the bath with the Epsom salt is recommended for releasing the toxins and to relieve the sore spots occurring after the massage session. After the deep tissue massage, fill the bath with warm water and add the salt in it. Soak in it for up to one hour to get the maximally effective result.

Tip #11: Privacy above all.

If you decided to get the mobile massage in Beverly Hills, you should think about privacy. It is extremely important to turn off all the gadgets and maximally disconnect from the outward things. Create the unique atmosphere where will be only you and the feelings you get. If you are going to get the procedure at home, make sure that other people will not disturb you and distract from the session. The right atmosphere is one of the most important components of any type of massage. Only being completely relaxed and distracted from the world you will be able to get the full pleasure of the procedure.

We have reached the end of our tips on how to get the best massage ever and hope you have found useful information here. Good massage done by the professional therapist will relieve muscle tension, help you to get rid of the stress and be active and refreshed. The good massage is the one you want to repeat again and again. If you want to get the best from this procedure, visit our salon and enjoy every minute of the top notch massage.

Which massage to choose? Tips from the professionals.

When an inexperienced person decides to go to his first massage session and don’t know which technique to choose, the simple search in Google will shock him. Nowadays there is a wide variety of massage techniques, each of them is different and has its own recommendation for certain cases. You can find Swedish massage, Shiatsu, massage with hot stones and oils, different types of aromatherapy, and many more. This list is much longer. Which type of massage to choose and how to get the maximal effect of the procedure we are going to consider in this article. We have collected 11 tips from the professional massage therapists and hope you will find answers to your questions in our article. Let’s go!

Tip #1: Strengthen your immune system.

If you are afraid to go out in the autumn or in spring because you immediately catch an illness from other people, complete the massage course. It will strengthen your immune system by stimulation production of the white blood cells in your organism. You will be more protected from viruses even if being near the ill person.

Tip #2: Tell about your sensations.

Unfortunately, even the best masseuse isn’t a seer and can’t define which of his movements are the most pleasant for you. Don’t hesitate to tell what is good and what is very good for you during a session. Thus, you will be able to feel the great experience instead of just the normal one.

Tip #3: Tell about your problems.

If you have any problems with back, permanently feel the pain in its lower part or anywhere else, tell your therapist about this. He will be able to recommend you the suitable massage technique and choose the good massage parlor near you. And remember, the earlier you pay attention to such problem, the faster you will be able to get rid of it.

Tip #4: Massage for sound sleep.

The problem of trouble sleeping at night occurs more and more often nowadays. Stress at work, responsible decisions, and important contracts make us more nervous which result in problems with sleep. Massage sessions relax your body and calm mind, so after that, you can fall asleep much easier and sleep better.

Tip #5: Bring your favorite oil.

During the oil massage, it is very important to do it with the correctly chosen fragrance. If you don’t like the aroma, the overall effect of the procedure will be reduced greatly. So, if you have your favorite oil – bring it with you, if not – just tell the masseuse which fragrance do you like and which don’t.

Tip #6: Tell about your preferences.

Don’t hesitate to tell about your preferences during the massage session. Communication with your masseuse will help to get the desired result more quickly. Also, let the massage therapists know if you feel numbness and tingling during the procedure. Tell him about what you like and what don’t. It is your body and only you feel how will be better for it.

Tip #7: Consider Thai massage.

Thai massage technique is well known all over the globe and such popularity is fully justified. This massage strengthens the nervous system, makes you more flexible, and relieves tension in your body. Proper breathing is an important part of this technique, so you will get the recommendations from your therapist.

Tip #8: Massage to cope with the PMS

A lot of people suffer from pain and PMS each month. In this case, massage sessions will also help to overcome this problem. It is able to reduce the water retention, thereby reducing the body swelling. So, you will not only be able to wear your favorite pant during this period easily but also feel much less pain.

Tip #9: Water.

Water is the basis of life and we all know this. Speaking about the massage effectiveness, it should be mentioned that drinking lots of water will bring you an excellent result. Why? During each massage session, a great number of different toxins is released to your body and the faster your organism will flush them away, the better. Drinking water will speed up this process. Moreover, this will help your therapist to rub the lactic acid of your muscle tissue more easily.

Tip #10: Massage during the pregnancy.

All the specialists recommend completing the course of the massage sessions during the pregnancy period. However, you should take into account that the best effect from the massage you will get after the first trimester. Performing the procedure earlier may harm the fetus because of the toxins that are released during the massage session. So, wait at least twelve weeks and then, after the consultation with your doctor or professional masseuse, complete the course.

Tip #11: Therapeutic massage.

This type of the procedure is one of the most popular. Actually, it fits everyone as it lowers the stress level and can help to get rid of the headaches and the overall tension in the body. The effect of this massage is impressive because of the physical and psychological connection. People strongly believe in the effectiveness of the massage and it improves the result greatly.

Why stop your choice on the mobile massage?

We all understand the impressive effect of the massage. People all over the globe use its different techniques to get rid of the stress, physical and psychological tension, and permanent fatigue. But unfortunately, not so many of us can find time to visit the massage salon and get the procedure. Especially on the regular basis.

We go to work every day, try to maximally cope with the stress and weariness that occur each evening when we home and believe that tomorrow will be a better day. But this day still hasn’t come while our body and mind say us “hey you, it’s time to do something”. How long will we test their strength? The best way out of this situation is to use the service of the mobile massage. If you are always in a hurry and don’t want to spend time driving to the nearest massage salon and back, massage in your home will be like a magic wand for you.

The mobile massage service will not also significantly save your time, but also help to get the maximal effect of the procedure because of the relaxing atmosphere of your home. Professional masseuses will come to your place with everything necessary for the massage session in the most comfortable time for you. Just choose the best parlor and arrange a session of the mobile massage at your home.

The quality of work and the atmosphere of the complete relaxing and luxury to date is available not only in the salon. Choose the mobile massage on a regular basis and in after several sessions you will already notice the positive changes. The qualified specialists working in our salon will choose the most suitable type of massage for your case in order to provide you with the fastest and the maximally effective result.

Regular massage sessions will not only help you to feel better but also increase your productivity and prevent the pain (or eliminate it). This also can help you to strengthen your immune system and rid of the necessity of taking medications. It is a proven fact that people who regularly visit a spa to get the massage or use mobile massage services wake up more active in the morning and have a sound sleep at night. They are always in a good mood and are more stress-resistant.

Another advantage of the mobile massage is that after the procedure it is recommended to stay relaxed and don’t go out for a certain time period. With the usual massage it is simply impossible as you have to go to the shower, out on your clothes, and drive home. And now imagine the absolutely different situation – your procedure is finished, and you completely relaxed lay on the soft sofa and listen to the soothing music. Your body and mind are in complete harmony and each cell of your organism feels relaxed and refreshed. Feel the difference?

One more reason to choose the mobile massage in your home is the driving itself. Even if you have enough time and are completely sure that will come in time, simple traffic may completely ruin your plans. As a result, you are late, sweat, angry at the whole world, and don’t want anything at all. Your masseuse will need additional time to relax you, tune on the good mood, and create a peaceful atmosphere in the salon. All this takes additional time and reduces the procedure duration. Do you want it? Most probably no.

So, what do we offer you? Besides the complete stress relief and relaxation in your home we offer you the following types of the massage:

  • Aromatherapy;
  • Medical;
  • British sport;
  • Tandem;
  • Couples;
  • Thai;
  • Prenatal;
  • Therapeutic;
  • Deep tissue;
  • Swedish.

Choose the one you want most or ask our professionals for help. We offer our clients the luxurious mobile massage at home at the most convenient time according to their schedule.