Countless people are affected by back pain every single day. And beyond living with pain, this kind of condition can decrease your quality of life, causing you to miss work and other social activities that you enjoy. It is also preventing you from accomplishing even simple, daily tasks. 

Take care of your spine, which includes your back and neck! You can take several ways to improve the overall health of your spine, including the following tips:

Lift Right

To lift correctly, stand as close as possible to the object and use your legs and knees to pull up the item rather than your back. It will help if you bend your knees, keep your head down, back straight, and keep your arms the same height as the object. If the item is too heavy for you, don’t try to lift it yourself and get help!

Sleep Tight

The best position is to sleep on your side, not your stomach. Sleeping on your stomach puts too much pressure on the spine, and while sleeping on the sides reduces the upper airway to collapse and gives you a better night’s rest. Also, purchase a supportive mattress, as well as a pillow that promotes proper alignment of your neck.

Stretch Out

If you start your day with a few good stretches, it can not only be refreshing but also reduces the risk of injury and promotes spinal health. 

Stay Active

You are at risk of having low back pain if you are not active or physically fit. Whether you go to the gym, walk, bike, run, swim, or play with your kids, staying active, and keeping your body moving helps maintain a better, healthy spine.

Work Smart

Choose a chair that provides lower back support, or place a pillow behind your back. Your knees should be about the same level as your hips, and your feet rest comfortably on the floor. Also, plan for regular breaks, as staying in one position for too long will cause back muscles to tighten up and become immobile, so get up and walk around once in a while. 

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