How do you relieve stress with a crazy work week? Is it yoga or massage? No matter how hectic your schedule is, you might consider cupping. Cupping is a therapy used in traditional Chinese medicine to help the body reduce inflammation by suctioning. It’s been around for a thousand years already, but it gained popularity with professional athletes. 

Three (3) Different Types of Cupping Therapy

  • Dry cupping
  • Wet cupping (Hijama)
  • Moving cupping

How Does It Help?

It is the stagnation of chi and blood that causes the condition and pain. The sliding cups technique is traditionally performed on the back to treat pain and muscle spasms. It also increases the blood flow, loosens the tissues, and promotes healing. Cupping may cause temporary bruising and soreness. According to traditional Chinese medicine, it is a positive result, meaning the treatment successfully removed all the toxins and stagnation inside the body. 

Is It Painful?

Cupping therapy doesn’t hurt, but it will leave a temporary mark on your skin. The bruise marks can last up to two weeks. 

Most Common Cupping Therapy Treats

  • cough
  • bronchial congestion
  • asthma
  • paralysis
  • digestive complaints
  • pain
  • migraines
  • high blood pressure
  • back pain
  • arthritis

Ready To Get Started with Cupping?

Patients can have cupping therapy as often as two to three times a week. It is in conjunction with acupuncture, where you can feel better faster. When searching for the best cupping therapy here in Los Angeles or the surrounding areas, Massage Rx is the name you can trust! 

How Do We Do It?

It involves warming and placing cups on the skin. Today, the cups being used are made out of glass, but a thousand years ago, the cups they used were bamboo, clay, or animal horns made. By warming the air inside the cup, a vacuum is created, and when applied to the skin, the tissue draws into the cup. It will be applied with massage oil to the skin before the massage begins, which allows the cups to glide effortlessly over the skin. The cups can be placed on the back, neck, shoulders, or anywhere in the pain area.

To learn more about our cupping therapy, please click the link to see our video below:

Massage Rx: The Best Clinic For Cupping Therapy

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