The neck is flexible and supports your head, so it is vulnerable to injuries that can cause pain and restriction in motion. Neck pain is a common problem for most people. According to Mayo Clinic, neck muscles can be the result of poor posture combined with age-related wear and tear. 

Neck mobility exercises increase flexibility, mobility, and range of motion of the neck and head. Furthermore, it can also improve the overall posture while alleviating stress and tension. Take a look at a few of the neck mobility exercises we provide for you.

  1. Look From Left to Right

Push the shoulder blades back and together, then rotate the neck from side to side. 

  1. Look Up and Down

Place two hands on your chest to focus on the neck. Then, lift the chest until you feel a stretch in the neck. Next, look down.

  1. Work on the Head Tilt

Tilt the ears up to the sky and make sure the neck is shifted forward, while both hands on the chest. Start reaching one ear up, then return the neck to its normal position before doing the other side. 

  1. Fat Face!

Suck the chin back to make a fat face, and if you see a double chin, you are in the right position. Then, move your neck forward and backward. Keep doing this motion to increase the mobility of your neck.

  1. Slide the Neck From Side to Side

Keep your eyes and head as level as possible, then slide the neck from side to side. Tips: you can look in the mirror and see how far you can slide your neck from side to side with the head level.

  1. Front Half Neck Rotations

First, lift your ear, place your chin on the chest, then repeat the same procedure on the other ear. Continue to repeat this motion several times to improve the flexibility of the neck.

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