Mobile Massage in Los Angeles

Massage therapy is not only limited to luxury spas and health clubs. Nowadays, massage therapies are performed in clinics, offices, hospitals, and social events through mobile massage services. If you have never experienced taking a massage, you should first know about its health benefits and what happens during a therapy session.

What Are the Types of Massage Therapies?

Massage means rubbing, manipulating, and pressing your ligaments, tendons, muscles, and skin. Massage therapy may vary from soft stroking to hard pressure. There are several types of massage therapies which includes:

– This massage uses slower, shard strokes to hit the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue that help ease muscle strains from falls or injuries.

– This massage uses long strokes, rubbing, deep round movements, tapping, and vibration to cool you down.

– This massage concentrates on areas of tense muscle fibers and soft tissues that can accumulate in your muscles after overusing them during strenuous activities

– This massage is geared toward those who actively engaged in sports and other physical activities helping them prevent or relieve injuries.

Massage therapy is typically regarded as part of complementary and integrative medical treatment to body pains. It’s progressively being recommended along with standard clinical treatment for a wide range of conditions and sickness. Several studies of the benefits of massage indicate that it is a practical remedy for relieving muscle tension, stress, and pains.

Mobile Massage Procedure

  • Prior to the massage therapy session, your assigned therapist will ask you about your medical history, your symptoms, and what you are expecting to gain after the massage. 
  • Then your massage therapist will explain the type of massage and specific techniques he or she will apply during the session.
  • The therapist will give you time to undress yourself up to the point that you are comfortable. You should lie on the table and cover yourself with a sheet. You can also have therapy while sitting in the massage chair, fully dressed. 
  • Your massage therapist will use either oil or lotion depending on the choice to minimize the friction on your skin. You should tell your massage therapist if you have any allergic reactions to oils or creams.
  • Then your massage therapist will conduct an evaluation on your body to identify the painful or tense parts and decide how much pressure he or she needs to apply.
  • Once you feel that the massage therapist is kneading too hard, you may ask for softer pressure. Sometimes you may have sensitive spots in your muscle that feel tense.

Whether you are seeking a pain reliever or pure relaxation, Mobile Massage in Los Angeles has it all covered for you in any place of your comfort. This is also available in Mobile Massage in Sherman Oaks.

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