Lower back pain is a frequent complaint among people. It can happen for various causes, including improper lifting, inactivity, overusing, and regular wear and tear. 

Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

  • Falling
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Muscle strains
  • Ligament sprains
  • Poor posture
  • Living in a sedentary lifestyle
  • Inactivity or not exercising
  • Sitting for a longer period 
  • Bending your back forward during lengthy activities

Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

  • Dull, aching discomfort
  • Pain radiating to the buttocks, legs, and feet
  • Pain worsens after prolonged sitting waking up
  • Feels better when changing positions or after moving around

A vortex of low back pain might take weeks or months to heal. Meanwhile, massage provides comfort in addition to traditional treatments such as anti-inflammatory pain medicines, remaining as active as possible, receiving physical therapy, and waiting for the body to recuperate.

Different Types of Massage For Lower Back Pain

Massage, when properly used, may ease discomfort and speed the return to normal activities in the least amount of time. Various types of massage available that can effectively and promptly relieve lower back pains are the following:

Some of these massage methods are safe to try at home, but for efficient, quick, and long-term benefits, visit your local massage therapist.

What Works Best For Lower Back Pain?

Massage provided the best alleviation than standard treatment procedures such as physical therapy or at-home self-help (such as rest and ice or heating pads) as well as acupuncture, according to the best research to date. However, due to limited research, it is impossible to state definitively what style of lower back pain therapy is best and what the appropriate dosage and frequency of massage is needed.

Treatment For Lower Back Pain

  • Rest
  • Physical therapy or massage
  • Medications
  • Heat or ice application
  • Avoiding sitting for too long
  • Stretching lower back
  • Back supports

The majority of lower back pain improves after a month of home care. Everyone is unique, and back pain is a complicated issue. Many people’s discomfort doesn’t go away for a few months, but just a handful have chronic, severe pain.

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