Treating yourself to post-procedure massages like a lymphatic massage after surgery or liposuction can help speed up recovery time and improve cosmetic results. The process cleanses the lymphatic system and reduces swelling effectively and naturally. This technique is wholly painless, as constant soft pressure is applied and increased slowly in the key areas to unblock the flow. 

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What is Lymphatic Massage?

Lymphatic massage, otherwise known as manual lymphatic drainage, is a form of specialized, gentle massage that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body and helps the lymph system work more efficiently. It is done by stretching the skin in an upward motion, then releasing it. 

Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

When after treatment, the treated area gives extra care to expedite healing and have smoother outcomes. Also, lymphatic massage:

  • Reduces swelling and aids in the prevention of fluid retention
  • Toxins flush out of the body
  • Prevent the development of scar tissue and fibrosis
  • Enhances blood circulation and lymphatic fluid
  • Promotes healing of the wound
  • Alleviates pain or discomfort

What to Expect After Surgery Procedure (Liposuction)?

Patients who have had liposuction will feel swelling, bruises, and pain in the days after the procedure. It is understandable given that liposuction is a highly invasive treatment. Excess lymphatic fluid can generate tissue during a treatment such as liposuction as the body responds to the painful action of cannula injection and fat removal.

Also, with less invasive treatments, certain patients can suffer tissue disruption, resulting in an accumulation of excess fluid known as edema. In most cases, pockets of fibrosis may develop, resulting in hardened scar tissue.

What Does A Lymphatic Massage Do?

A highly skilled and professionally trained massage therapist softly manipulates the skin and underlying tissues in lymph processing areas to improve circulation, facilitate drainage and healing.

The massage itself is usually gentle and smooth, and it should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience for the patient. Furthermore, the immediate decrease in pressure and swelling makes a lymphatic massage an even more positive experience.

How Often Should You Have Lymphatic Massage?

While three to five massage treatments are highly recommended, some patients may benefit from as little as one to two treatments. A plastic surgeon will tell you whether lymphatic massage can help you recover from liposuction or another surgical procedure.

Although lymphatic massage is not necessary to produce beautiful results following liposuction procedure or some other operation, certain patients report that it helps them recover faster and allows their maximum results to apparent faster.

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