The lymphatic system consists of a network of vessels and nodes that houses lymph, a combination of water, proteins, the immune system part, waste chemicals, and other remains of cell metabolism. The lymph nodes that sieve out the wastes are contained in the body, with specifically large sets of them in the neck, armpits, and groin. This wide group of lymph nodes makes sure that the lymph gets through as many nodes as possible before it goes back to the circulatory system.

What is lymphatic system drainage massage?

Lymphatic system drainage massage is a non-invasive treatment that gently helps the lymphatic system in keeping the fluid balance in the body, blood flow, and immune system process. Typically, when people hear about Lymphatic system drainage, they think it’s just for those diagnosed with lymphedema.  Although it is a type of massage therapy, like manual physical therapy, Lymphatic drainage massage has already become a practical alternative among those who love taking massage because of its several benefits.

What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage Good For?

Lymphatic system drainage can provide positive effects on your overall health and wellness. As lymph is the key to making your immune system work properly, increasing the flow and drainage of lymph in the body is beneficial for you in different ways.

Lymphatic system drainage can:

  • reduce the risk of you suffering from colds and help your body combat infections.
  • rev up healing and recovery from different health conditions.
  • decrease water retention as the lymph system does not have a pump.
  • speed up weight loss and improve the lymphatic system.
  • enhance metabolic rate that helps burn calories effectively.

What Happens During Lymphatic System Drainage Massage?

When it comes to spa massage, you will reap the benefits when you endow yourself the time to loosen and take pleasure in your massage. It’s recommended that you arrive earlier to get prepared and settle down. You should also try to get away with bustling straight afterward with in-home physical therapy.

Lymphatic system drainage massage is typically performed in a warm room. The warm temperature is an essential factor in improving lymphatic flow. It will also help become more relaxed when you feel cold. The massage therapist will often provide lymphatic drainage massage with you lying on the table, while you are covered well with a towel.

One of the most essential things that you can greatly help your lymphatic system is to stay active. Even the slightest activity will help boost the lymph flow, as the muscular mobility puts more pressure on the lymphatic vessels that keeps them active. 

Talk to one of our specialists about your options for a lymphatic system drainage treatment. Massage Rx Los Angeles will help you boost your lymphatic system to boost your immune system and fight infections for a healthier and stronger you.