A lymphatic massage is known to provide much more than making you feel relaxed. From treating acne and cellulite to eliminating the toxins from your body, there are different reasons to take it and reap its benefits long after the therapy ends.

The lymphatic system is a complex connection of vessels going throughout the body and composing some organs. Its main function is to eliminate toxins and waste fluids from the body, which occurs when there are healthy lymph nodes. These lymph nodes are generating lymphocytes to do the detoxification task.

However, some surgical procedures, injuries, diseases such as birth defects and cancers need either removal of the lymph nodes or result in the types of damage that limit their functionality and can cause lymphedema. Some signs typically include tightness, puffiness, severe infections, weakness, headache, and allergic reactions. Lymphatic massage can relieve the pain that is caused by lymph node problems.

What is lymphatic massage? It is one natural treatment for lymphedema and by far the most effective. Lymphatic massage is designed to eliminate fluid buildup that can take into effect after damaging or removing lymph nodes. With the concerned area, a professional massage therapist will identify the most appropriate treatment for your condition with the purpose of increasing the lymphatic flow and getting rid of the accumulated lymphatic fluid to manage the symptoms.

Lymphatic massage can effectively assist with several health conditions related to lymphedema. Some people use this type of treatment as a part of a total detox regimen while some apply lymphatic massage to match the compound decongestive therapy. Some of the many benefits of lymphatic massage are:

  • regenerate the soft and connective tissues
  • reduce edema
  • relieve fibromyalgia
  • alleviate chronic fatigue syndrome
  • manage insomnia
  • treat constipation

It has been proven that a professional therapist can improve the lymph flow volume with regular lymphatic massage therapy.

This gentle type of massage is performed within 45 to 60 minutes based on the client’s condition. The massage therapist will knead, tap, and massage the skin on the structure of the system. The technique is designed to flush out the fluids through the proper routes. Most people who have taken the lymphatic massage often find the treatment to be rather relaxing. This should be taken regularly for a few weeks by a professional massage therapist.

Here at Massage Rx Los Angeles, we take pride in providing holistic therapy that includes lymphatic massage. If you are in need of this treatment, contact one of our specialists to get started.