As wonderful as some ‘me time’ getting fully relaxed while a professional therapist treats your muscle tension and pain might sound, there are several benefits to taking your partner to a great massage experience together.

Couple massages are not recent, but this massage therapy is becoming a huge trend that extends to the range of romantic partners. While those who are in romantic relationships can definitely reap the benefits of couples massage therapy, the effective physical, mental and emotional rewards transcend that status.

In  a couple massage therapy, two clients get a massage simultaneously from a pair of massage therapists. Although they happen  in the same area, their actual therapy can vary depending on their individual needs such as in sports physical therapy and in home physical therapy.

What are the Benefits of Couples Massage Therapy?

A couples massage is one good way to introduce a partner who has never taken a massage before in a manner that makes them feel more at ease the first time. Other people are hesitant about taking a massage and to have their spouse, partner, or close friend there is comforting.

Several first timers, especially men, find out what most women already knew that therapeutic stroke is soothing and relaxing as applied in manual physical therapy. When they take a couple massage, they are much more pleased to book a therapy session on their own.

A couples massage also provides a rare chance for you to do things together where you will both feel relaxed and relieved. That shared experience will be both enjoyable and valuable.

What do Spas Provide during a Couple Massage?

Depending on what spa you go to and what type of package you choose, the couple massage therapy may be just the tip of the iceberg for your wonderful experience. Most spas offer a period in a Jacuzzi that could be enjoyed regardless of your relationship while having the time to chit chat and relax if you are family members, friends, or time to get more intimate if you are taking a romantic partner with you.

Some other amenities may have a  wide selection of food and drinks to share together afterward while getting nail care services or time by a fireplace dressed in comfortable bathrobe. Foods and drinks are usually served along the selection of cheeses, fruits, or sweets. Typically glasses of champagne or your choice of alcoholic or nonalcoholic drinks are often served as well.

So what are you waiting for? Take your loved one to Massage Rx near you for a couple massage experience you will both cherish together.