Everyone at the moment has had an abrupt halt in their life. Not being able to go to the beach to hang out, not being able to go shopping in the stores, not being able to go out with your friends and hang out, and or worse your loved ones. There are a lot of can’t at the moment but, we have to adapt to our new normal in order to be mentally healthy and stay physically healthy too. Massage Rx has found that during times of crisis. What we long for the most the consistency we want for some things to stay the same or keep working as they should. During this Pandemic, many things have changed and we are here to give you some tips on how to cope with all the new changes. 

Establish a routine – make a calendar for all things that you need to do throughout the day.  

Keep a journal – make daily entries and write down how you felt and what you can improve on 

Keep Healthy – make sure that you are not eating too much junk food and if you are at least balance it with healthy meals

Workout – Maintain a good workout routine working out will not only make your body feel good but it will make time go by much faster. 

Self-care – Still trying to get ready maybe just by doing your hair, makeup,  doing your nails, taking a bath, or getting a massage make sure that you are taking care of the exterior as much as the interior. 

To do all these things you don’t need much it just takes a little effort for you to make something happen and also staying consistent. During this time a lot of what we used to do we cannot do anymore but you can start implementing new things into your new normal for example getting in home massage therapy from Massage Rx and, sometimes you will learn something new about yourself. Eventually we will be getting back to business but not as normal there will be a new normal in place and we just need to adapt to it to make sure we keep each other safe and healthy. 

Massage Rx encourages you to embrace change and learn to adapt to new situations because that’s what the world is all about. Life is not a straight path, it has twists and turns and we just need to learn how to deal with them so at the end we come out stronger and better than before.