During this pandemic, many of us have experienced some form of anxiety weather that is extreme or very minimal. We have all had it and know that it does not feel well. 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety and during this time it has not been easy. Anxiety can be complicated because everyone feels different things. Everyone has different triggers and reacts to them differently too. Here are some of the things that can trigger your anxiety. 

  • Health issues – Cancer and Chronic Pain.
  • Diet – Having a bad diet.
  • Medication – Birth Control, Weight Loss Pills, Cough and Congestion Medication.
  • Caffeine – Can trigger or make the condition worse.
  • Skipping Meals – Makes your body feel like there is a void and that can make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Financial Concerns – Having money issues.
  • Parties or social events –  Events full of people that you do not know or having to talk to people and make small talk.
  • Stress – overwhelming yourself with work or with personal problems.

These are only some of the things that can trigger your anxiety. Of course, we were not just going to tell you some of the things that can trigger anxiety we are also here to help you navigate your anxiety. Some of the things that we will mention are things we found that help most people and that continue to do so.

  • Meditation – Meditating for a few minutes when you experience anxiety can help you feel grounded and in focus.
  • Breathing exercises – stop what you doing and concentrate on breathing 10 seconds in 10 seconds out.
  • Drinking Herbal Tea – camomile tea helps calm nerves, peppermint tea, lavender tea there are also others but these are the main ones.
  • Focusing – try to focus on something that keeps your mind preoccupied.
  • Frequent massages – Massages help reduce the tension that your body builds up and make you feel relaxed.
  • Therapist – speaking to a professional is nothing to be ashamed of therapist have helped thousands of people on how to manage their anxieties

There are also other ways to help you manage your anxiety and for example, you can start a journal where you make daily entries of how you felt and for those who don’t really know what is triggering their anxiety, this is a great way to keep track and know maybe how next time you can address a situation better.  So keep in mind that your anxieties come from you being stressed and there is nothing more than feeling relaxed than with a massage from Massage Rx.