Sleep is something that is very important to the human body. Yet so many people suffer from insomnia and it can be debilitating. Many people start having side effects from having very little sleep. During this pandemic, there has been an increase in insomnia cases. There are many things that can cause the human body not to rest well such as

  • racing mind
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • job loss
  • health issues
  • obesity
  • uncertainty

Why do we need to sleep?

The body needs to sleep because it’s the time that the body takes to recharge itself. With getting a full night’s rest you are able to think clearly, you have more energy, better appetite, and better health overall. For example, when you are trying to lose weight it is very important to sleep well. Due to the exercising that you will be doing during the day. You want your body to be 100% to be able to perform. Also, sleep helps your digestive system, keeps your immune system healthy, and keeps your hormone levels in check. 

People that suffer from any mental illness will tell you that getting a full night’s rest helps them control their mental illness. Your body will feel more balanced and in control. For example when you haven’t gotten enough sleep but you have still managed to do a full day of work. You might notice that at the end of your day you feel a little delirious. Your mind doesn’t think clearly anymore and you feel like you are present but not paying attention. This is a common effect from being sleep deprived which can be dangerous for those who are driving under those conditions and have long commutes. An individual can fall asleep on the wheel and cause a major accident. 

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