The lymphatic system is classified as the secondary system of the circulatory system with an essential set of functions. Its vital role involves nourishing and detoxifying the cells. We would not live for a long time without it. The lymphatic system is the connection from the blood flow to each cell in the body. The lymph is a fluid that is composed of oxygen and nutrients like the blood. It originates from the overall circulation and is stocked throughout the cells to nourish them.

What Are The Benefits of Lymphatic Massage?

The lymphatic system affects all parts of the body since regardless of the function of each cell, they all need to be nourished and cleansed. A functional lymphatic system is important in immunity and recovery as a whole. Lymphatic drainage is one of the treatments in getting such efficiency.

Skin Care

For more glowing skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles on the face, as well as to get rid of puffy eyes. The new scars on the body can be reduced and scar tissues can be minimized. It is widely applied before and after cosmetic surgical procedure.

Body Cleansing

After the winter or a stressful situation, the body will reap the benefit of a lymphatic massage, to alleviate the sluggishness caused by starchy or fatty foods, and less exercise.

Headache Relief 

Headaches have symptoms of congestion that lymphatic massage can effectively manage. If tissues become decongested, blood flow improves, thus relieving the pain.

Fast Healing

With post-surgery or after an injury, the tissues get swollen and painful. Lymphatic massage is a natural treatment that will aid in cleansing the tissue, alleviating inflammation, and boost healing.

While and After Pregnancy

In most cases, fluid retention is common among pregnant women and lymphatic massage can increase their level of comfort especially in the feet and legs. I will also enhance breastfeeding with this gentle treatment, specifically when there are issues with breasts that feel tight or clogged ducts. This is offered as part of the in-home physical therapy services.

Fluid Reduction

After a period of limited or no mobility at all, the fluid in the body tends to settle in the tissues resulting in puffiness and tenderness. Blocked fluids can cause conditions such as arthritis. Lymphatic massage helps in removing the fluids from the tissues.

Full Relaxation

As it is a natural treatment like manual physical therapy, it feels very relaxing. It is enhanced as the rejuvenating and cleansing mechanism help alleviate stress.

Many people will observe remarkable improvements in their overall health and well-being after treatment as lymphatic massage has a myriad of benefits. Keep yourself feeling great all the time with a regular session at Massage Rx Los Angeles.