You may observe that more and more people add lymphatic drainage massage into their health and fitness plan for the past few years. As we accumulate toxins in our system, lymphatic drainage massage is a therapeutic way to cleanse our bodies. I like a lymphatic massage. Activating the lymphatic system in my body with soft massages, you will observe that your skin is more glowing, stresses subside replaced by an increase of energy.

The lymphatic system aids to fight against diseases and infections that take away the toxins and waste materials from the body and skin and maintains the fluid balance. As part of the circulatory and immune system, its structure is composed of lymphatic fluids, vessels and nodes, organs, and tissues.  

What Does the Lymphatic System Do?

The blood plasma takes the nutrients and oxygen to the tissues, then transport them to our bloodstream, providing the little amount of fluid behind. Lymph is a clear little yellowish fluid containing the waste materials that blood plasma takes on its way to cell tissues. Connected to numerous lymph nodes, lymphatic vessels transport the lymph to the lymph nodes for purifying. The lymphatic system generates infection-fighting white blood cells with antibodies and sends them into the entire body. Thus, it is the lymphatic system that makes us strong.

Unlike the heart in our circulatory system, the lymphatic system doesn’t come with a pump. The mechanism of transporting the lymph depends on the muscle constriction and the valves blocking the lymph fluid to go back.

What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Lymphatic drainage massage helps facilitate the lymph flow and boosts the natural treatment, strengthening the immune system and overall health like deep tissue massage therapy. Lymphatic drainage massage is able to help you:

  • detoxify your body from waste materials
  • fight illnesses and infections
  • speed up the healing process
  • relieve swelling and puffiness as it helps eliminate extra water
  • alleviate stress and fatigue
  • clean pores that give smoother skin

Make some time for yourself and apply the massage to your treatment or wellness plan. Lymphatic system self-massage is an easy technique, performing long strokes with soft pressure to activate the lymph flow, promote natural detoxification, and lessen extra fluid.

It’s simple to perform lymphatic drainage massage in body detoxification. Instead of utilizing your palms, make use of a dry body brush to activate the lymphatic vessels or a wet body brush for massage in a shower room. You will help activate your lymph flow and take pleasure in the other beauty and health benefits that body brushing provides.

To reap the therapeutic benefits of lymphatic drainage massage, contact Massage Rx Los Angeles today to book a session.