Our bodies function at their full potential when muscles work together. When these muscles are weak, especially those in the core and pelvis, it can lead to back pain.

Low back pain has become one of the common problems most people endure in their lifetime. According to the research, it is related to smoking, obesity, sedentary occupations, and poor-quality of life. However, strengthening exercises can be beneficial in treating lower back pain.

Some Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

  • Muscle Spasms
  • Muscle Strains
  • Nerve Injuries
  • Bending the Trunk Forward or to the Side
  • Compression Fractures
  • Infection
  • Sedentary jobs
  • Excessive Reaching
  • Twisting the Trunk
  • Falls
  • Prolonged sitting
  • Highly physical jobs
  • Exposure to whole-body vibration
  • Smoking
  • Obesity

The best way to prevent low back pain is by living a healthy lifestyle. Reducing weight gain, building strength, and avoiding risky activities will help minimize low back pain, especially as you age.  

Exercises for your lower back pain can strengthen your back, stomach, and leg muscles. It also helps support your spine and alleviates back pain. 

Five (5) of the Best Lower Body Workouts

You will see the following lower body workouts performed in gyms. If you don’t have access to the gym, don’t fret! Most of these workouts can be performed at home or anywhere that suits you best:

  • Red Leg Raise
  • Bicycle
  • Clamps
  • Bridges
  • Hamstring

Start incorporating these simple, equipment-free workouts into your daily routine to have a free-lower back pain for years to come:



You can ask your health care professional before doing any exercise programs, as some workouts can aggravate back pain, especially with those who have acute low back pain conditions and experienced a traumatic injury.

If these exercises increase your back pain, stop and seek medical help. Only work within your physical boundaries. Doing fast exercises will increase back pain and slow down the healing process.

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