Understanding our body is the key to identifying the causes of the pains it feels. And one important muscle that manages its movement and posture is the one in our lower back. The muscles of the lower back act together with the abdominal muscles to enhance intra-abdominal pressure. While the muscles of the pelvic also help to boost this pressure which gives stability to the spine and trunk. 

Causes of Lower Back Pains

Lower back pains are caused by impairment of the soft tissues that support the ligaments, muscles, and tendons. The lower back muscles tighten or sore for several different reasons. 

  • improper lifting of heavy objects 
  • prolonged sitting at the desk
  • leaning over a sink
  • running on uneven platform
  • sudden movement or fall 
  • improper body posture 
  • gradual overuse of muscles

Types of Lower Back Pains

  1. A lumbar pain occurs when ligaments are stretched or ripped. Ligaments are hard, fibrous tissues that attach the bones together. 
  2. A muscle pain occurs when muscle fibers start to tear from being overused and stretched which is commonly known as a pulled muscle.

Both ligament and muscle pains almost have the same symptoms and get the same medication so a specific diagnosis may not be necessary. Luckily, you can help relieve your lower back pain with a good sports massage.

Massage on Lower Back Muscles 

The massage therapy applied in the lower back focuses on different muscles located around the lower half of the spine. As mentioned, the pain in the lower back can be caused by many different reasons such as muscle tightness. A lower back massage treatment helps stimulate muscles and enhance blood circulation that allows healthier nutrients to be transmitted around the body and more toxins to be eliminated such as the benefit from Prenatal Massage Los Angeles. It also uses several different techniques to help treat a range of sports injuries.

Unlike in-home and deep tissue massage therapies, treating the back pain with a sports massage is normally recommended for a long-term approach particularly for chronic pain conditions. Several studies show that regular massages in the course of a few months can provide a remarkable remedy to lower back pains. 

Consider a massage service membership to secure regular and practical wellness treatments before and after your sporting events. Let a professional massage therapist assess your needs and the treatment that will get you the fastest results in dealing with your lower back pains.