Most couples are sometimes so busy with their own lives that finding time to spend with each other might be a difficult pursuit. This can cause stress and anxiety to the couple that may lead to tension headaches. 

Intense headaches can be exhausting on one side of the head or worse on both sides, which can last from a few hours to a few days. The sharp pain in tension headaches that feels like a tight band on the head can be treated by a spa or in-home physical therapy for headache.

Some studies have found out that good couples massage can be an effective therapy to relieve tension headaches, especially when emotional or mental stresses are contributing factors in a relationship. Stress can cause a tightening of the muscles in the scalp, face, neck, and jaw. Maybe the tension headache is being caused by the anxiety of missing each other or misunderstanding different things that have caused insomnia or depression to the couple. 

A good massage has been recommended to relieve the intensity and the course of tension headaches by alleviating the symptoms such as depression or anxiety of the couple. The therapy will focus on the temples and the forehead, the muscles of the neck, and the side behind the ears and the head as applied in sports physical therapy.

The massage techniques for tension headache apply the ‘touch and pressure’ therapy in various ways to tap and press the muscles like in a manual physical therapy. These techniques have shown positive effects to alleviate physical tension and emotional stress, while also enhancing blood circulation in the body. When a couple experiences tension headaches, it is normal that they become overly sensitive and emotional that results in arguments. 

During a couple massage, the therapists can focus on the tensed muscles around the shoulders, neck, face, and head that can cause cranial pain, relaxing and stretching the muscles and tendons, enhancing circulation and flexibility in the areas. Therefore, couples should discuss their tension headache symptoms together and inform their massage therapists.  They practice various massage techniques to treat your pain and provide specific feedback. You will definitely find exactly what works for the both of you. 

So if you are getting tired of the same kind of dates, then why not give a couples massage a try? It’s a perfect activity to break your pattern. Take headache tension out of your relationship and have a great pleasure of a quiet relaxation time together.