Getting your skin to cooperate with you is not always easy. So we have a solution to your problem. A custom facial treatment from Life Rx and their professional esthetician will change your life. Life Rx provides a number of facials that are bound to treat your skin’s needs. We know how difficult it can be to suffer from sensitive skin and acne prone skin. Our specialist is here to help you and make your skin happy. 

We offer many different types of facial treatments due to the different skin types our clients have. Facials have been known to maintain and treat anything from sensitive skin to acne prone skin. What many do not know is that in order for your facial treatment to work you also have to be conscious of your diet and your body. One of the great things a person can benefit from is Lymphatic Drainage Massage. This type of massage not only detoxifies your body so you can feel better but you will see that your skin will start to look better too. Lymphatic sessions are for those who feel groggy, have congestion, or need it for post op. This is a great way to flush your system and help your body heal faster. 

Massage Therapy Los Angeles provides In-Home Massage Therapy and also in our clinic. You get to choose whether you want a break from your everyday life. Or if you would like to be in the comfort of your own home. We have many different therapists that would be able to fit what you’re specifically looking for. It can be for a facial, pain manual therapy session or a lymphatic session. Watch our video to learn more on how we do custom facial treatments at Life Rx. See what you will experience and watch how professional our estheticians are.


We offer the following facials at Life Rx. Classic facial offered for people who just want to maintain their skin health. Repair facials for those who have dry or sensitive skin. Acne facial for those who have acne prone skin or struggle with oily skin. Anti-aging facial for mature skin that needs an extra plump. Brightening facial for those who struggle with acne scars of melasma. Lastly, a back facial for those who would like to wear cute open back dresses but can’t because they have a congested back. Life Rx also offers add ons for your facials. So if you would like an extra umph to your facial session. You can choose from the following. 

LED light therapy: which helps stimulate collagen, repair, reduce hyperpigmentation or kill bacteria. 

Microderm: buffs away dead skin cells for a polished, smooth texture

Microcurrent: firms, lifts, and tones

Ultrasound: Tones your skin  and enhances product penetration 

Peel: Enzyme peel usually used depending on skin type to shed away dull skin

Stem cells: instantly repairs your skin. 

Book a session with us now so you can experience the benefits from getting a massage by an expert esthetician.