During this unfortunate event caused by the new strain of coronavirus threatening the lives of millions worldwide, some companies allow their workers to work from their homes. 

Work from home has great benefits, such as:

  • Have more freedom and flexibility to manage your schedule.
  • No time wasted in transporting to and from the work office.
  • Can dress more comfortably, even in pajamas!
  • Can look after your kids and prepare their food, every meal of the day!

However, working from home has its disadvantages, too. When some people don’t have their ergonomic equipment like at their office, no adjustable screen, even a suitable desk, and slower internet connection.

Sitting for long hours, all day, more or less comfortably, in a classic swivel office chair, and worse, slumped on the sofa is terrible for your posture and your musculoskeletal balance. The good news is, there are simple and effective good posture exercises to compensate for your bad posture while doing work from home. We at Massage Rx provide you here five (5) Best Home Exercises to save your posture while working from home! 

Note: You have to sit in a comfortable and stable chair while doing these exercises.

1.) Neck Stretch

Put your palm right up to your glutes, ensuring you are sitting on your arm. Then bend your neck to the side and your other arm can help to support your head while bending. Do this for about 30 seconds. Then do this step again for your other palm.

2.) Twister 

Put your both hands on your shoulders, ensuring your elbow is looking straight about 90-degrees and not looking down. Then start twisting your upper body. This exercise will mobilize your thoracic area and in the chest. 

(In this exercise, ensure you block your chair so it will not move when you do the twister.)

3.) Drop Down Arm

Drop your arms down, ensuring your back is straight and your arms are not grounded. Then raise your arm by twisting your upper body and look at the ceiling. Repeat this step with your other arm.

4.) Stretching For the Lower Back

Place your arm forward, palm to palm. Then lean downward, as much as you can reach, then breathe, and make sure you are sitting with your back straight. After this exercise, you will feel good, especially in your lumbar area.

5.) Workout For the Glutes and Piriformis

Put your left leg above your right thigh. Make sure the leg is properly leveled and not elevated. You can put your left arm on the left leg to assist you in doing this activity. Then lean forward. Do this step up to 30 seconds. Then repeat this process with the right leg. 

See our video here to learn more about these exercises:



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