Shoulder pain often occurs when the rotator cuff tendons are trapped under the bony area of the shoulder. Sometimes, it referred to abdominal problems (such as gallstones or pancreatitis) and pelvic issues (including ruptured ovarian cyst).

However, according to Mayo Clinic, left shoulder pain may be a symptom of heart problems and requires immediate medical attention. When you feel a sudden pressure or crushing pain in your shoulder, especially when you feel it from the chest to your left jaw, arm, or neck, contact your doctor right away!

You should be aware of the potential causes and symptoms of left shoulder pain to determine when it is the best time to seek professional help.

This article discusses the various causes of left shoulder pain. We will also explain the symptoms that can help you identify your underlying issue.

Four (4) Common Problems Behind Left Shoulder Pain

  • Heart Problems – When experiencing a heart attack, you might feel shoulder or arm pain without having chest pain, and this phenomenon is called referred pain.
  • Neck Problems – A pinched nerve or other issues in your neck can cause shoulder pain.
  • Laparoscopic (Belly) Surgery – If you had belly surgery, a small cut on your belly to remove the gallbladder, you get shoulder pain afterward.
  • Lung Problems – If you have pneumonia or lung cancer, or a tumor or swelling in the lungs can also cause shoulder pain.

Diagnosing left shoulder pain helps you and your doctor identify the cause of the problem and plan the best treatment suitable for you. So, whenever you experience any of the following symptoms, see your doctor immediately:

  • Pain increases with a certain movement or staying in one place for too long. 
  • Has trouble sleeping due to shoulder pain. 
  • The tailbone clicks off and feels stuck recently.
  • Muscle guarding shoulder through the arm. 
  • Pain when flexes or compresses the area above the clavicle and possibly below. 
  • When you feel more tension, in general, in your left hip compared to the right.

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The Best Treatment For Your Left Shoulder Pain

If your pain is severe, constant, or recurring, you should seek professional help. The doctor may run some tests (Could be TOS, the Table Of Specifications) or ask questions regarding your lifestyle to determine what is causing the pain.

Also, your physician may recommend physical therapy. It has been proven for years that physical therapy can help reduce symptoms safely, accurately, and fast.

For the best physical therapy for your left shoulder pain, contact Massage Rx today! We will determine the trigger point to release the shoulder and reduce guarding. And a secondary focus to your low back and paraspinal. Also, we have the best corrective program that will focus on your left shoulder area to determine the root cause of imbalances and faulty movement patterns that lead to issues with posture, balance, and total body coordination. 

Our Corrective program will assess every three (3) days to start, then weekly, and reassess that will help you: 

  • Reduce your tension or pain. 
  • Increase your range of motion or ROM.
  • Regain posture, balance, and quality of life.

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