Cellulite is the dimpled skin that typically develops on the thighs and buttocks. It builds up once fatty tissues under the skin move up against the connective tissues. It is said that most women in their 20’s and older form cellulite, which is not as common among men.

Cellulite can form on the thigh region as this part typically develops fatty tissues. Another determining factor for the development of cellulite may include:

  • age
  • collagen loss
  • family background
  • fatty tissue buildup due to weight gain
  • hormones such as estrogen
  • inflammation of tissues
  • poor blood flow that is common in the legs
  • poor lymphatic drainage
  • trimming of the outer layer of skin

When it comes to your overall health, it’s not bad having cellulite in the body. But most people desire to minimize their appearance. There are several remedies and exercises you can do at home or at a clinic that help realize that, however, it’s very important to identify whether they fulfill what they promise. Below are some natural remedies that can help reduce the appearance of cellulite:

Drink Lots of Water

Drinking water is one natural remedy that may help with cellulite. It does not only keep you hydrated, but it also helps increase lymphatic flow and blood circulation.

Lose Weight

Losing weight may also significantly help people with obesity minimize the appearance of cellulite. Eliminating extra body fat may normally reduce the appearance of cellulite. However, those of any weight may also develop cellulite. It’s not only limited to only those who are overweight or obese. When you do want to build up your muscles or lose weight, a healthy diet and regular exercise can help minimize cellulite on your thighs. 


Specific glute and leg exercises such as squats, step-ups, kickbacks, side lunges can help stretch the skin on the thigh region. In turn, you may also observe a decrease in cellulite. Although exercise isn’t the best way on how to get rid of cellulite on the thighs, toned muscles and tighter skin can help reduce its appearance.

Massage Therapy

One of the most popular treatments is massage therapy. This can be done at home or with the help of a professional massage therapist in in-home physical therapy. Massage therapy may break down cellulite by increasing lymphatic drainage. It can also help tighten the tissues in your skin. It could help tighten up cellulite dimples, also. Creams provide the same benefits, but the key factor is the massaging techniques such as manual physical therapy. You can’t put on cream and expect the cellulite to break down by itself. Furthermore, know that only a one-time massage therapy session won’t help reduce or eliminate cellulite. You must repeat the treatment regularly to get and maintain your desired results.

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