Lymphatic drainage is a mild massage treatment. It’s a type of massage that helps improve the functionality of the lymphatic system. The system supplies lymph fluid in the body that helps eliminate metabolic toxins from the body. The lymphatic system is formed by lymphatic nodes and vessels that help in the draining of toxins and waste substances. The lymph flow does not have a pump and passes through the neck. Lymphatic drainage can also be applied to alleviate swelling after surgery or injury.

Lymphatic drainage is a type of massage that stimulates the natural release of waste or toxins out of the body. It is the most important function of the lymphatic system. The system is part of the circulation in the lymphatic vessels that carry some fluid called lymph going to the heart. The lymph system supplies both nutrients to cells and releases extra water, cellular waste substances, viruses, and bacteria. Lymphatic drainage is done as a light massage that stimulates lymph flow around the body. Improving the lymphatic system is beneficial for purification, and after a surgical procedure.

The Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage

Like sports physical therapy, lymphatic drainage has different benefits that include fast recovery, reduced inflammation, and relaxation.

One aim of lymphatic drainage is to speed up recovery. Lymphatic drainage can help make recovery from surgery and injury faster. It benefits the recovery period by alleviating inflammation, eliminating the waste products out of the body,  boosting the immune system, and purification of the tissues. Lymphatic drainage can also help restore your overall wellness.

Lymphatic drainage also aids in reducing inflammation. It is beneficial to apply around the parts of inflamed or excess fluid.  Oedema is due to injury, damaged, or lymphedema. An accumulation of excess fluid due to a complication of the lymphatic system is called lymphedema. Once the lymphatic system stops functioning properly, fluid cannot be moved and drained out the body. Some massage techniques of lymphatic drainage help detoxify the lymph pathways to drain inflammation or extra fluid away.

The other benefit of lymphatic drainage is that it can offer a therapeutic treatment. Lymphatic drainage is conducted very lightly on the skin and applies extended gentle kneads. With a great deal of health benefits, lymphatic drainage triggers the increase of temperature and endorphin levels. Endorphin is a feel-good hormone that makes you feel motivated and happy.

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