Boosting the overall health and well-being of their staff should be the top priority of every company. A healthy and happy team makes an organization function like an efficient machine. Several companies struggle to effectively implement this, as every employee has varying needs. Mobile massage therapy has recently become in demand among organizations to help boost the physical well-being of their team, and prevent stresses that come from their daily tasks.

Some employers may be quite skeptical of the idea of a massage inside their workplaces. This could be due to the thought that massage therapies are associated with tiredness. However, mobile massages have no effect on your team spending the entire workday drowsy at their work desks. The benefit of mobile massage therapy is that it directly stimulates people to feel better, awake, and increases work productivity. Investing in regular mobile massage sessions for your employees will have your team going back to work more motivated and enthusiastic.

The Benefits of Mobile Massage Therapy

An on-site massage therapy is an ideal team building activity and helps each staff feel appreciated. The on-site therapy is beneficial to organizations of all work sectors. Mobile massage therapy is highly recommended for both physical and sedentary work. Several office jobs can cause a strain on the neck, back, and shoulders. The techniques applied in mobile massages treat areas of the body that are overused in a workday such as a neck, back, shoulders, hands, and arms.

Like manual physical therapy, mobile massage therapy also offers stress relief. Stress-related conditions are one of the main contributors to sick days and claims in most companies. Investing in periodic massage therapies has shown to reduce the number of sick days staff take. Utilizing this method can also reduce the number of work-related injuries caused by muscle pains like in sports physical therapy.

With mobile massage therapy, you are taking the comfort of a spa at your own workplace. This allows more regular massage therapies more comfortable and accessible for your team. Whether it’s a small business to large corporations, Massage Rx brings relaxing and therapeutic massage right to your workplace. 

Our professional massage therapists offer quality treatment services for employers seeking to improve productivity through mobile massages. For more information on our onsite massage therapy, visit our services page. If you are ready to book a mobile massage therapy for your team or in-home massage therapy, contact us today.