Welcome to Life Rx Studio’s “Restore Your Body” Classes! Our daily 60-minute classes are designed to help you restore your body movements, mobility, and stability, and promote self-awareness and appreciation through a combination of breath work, movement, and meditation.

At the heart of our program is our signature “The Human Time Line,” which retraces the developmental stages we go through as we grow from infants to adults. When we are born, we can only lay on our backs and roll from side to side. As we grow and develop, we learn to flip over onto our bellies and crawl, then stand on our knees, and eventually stand up on our own two feet. These developmental stages form the foundation for all the movements we make as adults.

However, if we spend long periods of time in repetitive movements or experience injuries or other physical challenges, our bodies can become imbalanced and lose their ability to move fluidly and with ease. That’s where “The Human Time Line” comes in.

Our program combines elements of cardio and fitness with the foundational movements of the developmental stages to help you reset and relearn the movements you need to move well and live well. Our classes begin with 5-10 minutes of breath work and self-awareness techniques, followed by the “The Human Time Line” program, which includes a variety of exercises and movements specifically designed to restore your body’s movements and improve your overall mobility and stability.

After the “The Human Time Line” program, we’ll move on to a 10-minute advanced workout, followed by 10 minutes of meditation and self-appreciation. These final exercises will help you to calm your mind, reflect on your progress, and appreciate the amazing things that your body is capable of.

In addition to our daily group classes, we also offer personalized classes with 60-minute manual therapy sessions. These sessions are designed to help you address specific imbalances or challenges in your body, and can include a combination of massage, stretching, and other hands-on techniques. Our experienced therapists will work with you to develop a personalized plan that addresses your unique needs and goals, and helps you restore your body’s movements, mobility, and stability.

Our group classes are limited to 8 people maximum, so you’ll get personalized attention and support from our experienced instructors. By participating in our program, you’ll benefit from:

  • Improved body movements, mobility, and stability
  • Increased self-awareness and appreciation
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Improved overall health and wellbeing

So, if you’re ready to restore your body and start your day off right, sign up for our “Restore Your Body” event today!