Thoracic mobility plays a crucial role in allowing us to rotate, bend, and move our upper body, and supports our neck and lower back. Maintaining good thoracic mobility is important for several reasons, including reducing the risk of injury, improving athletic performance, and alleviating pain and discomfort in other areas of the body.

For those who are recovering from a sports injury in Los Angeles, maintaining good thoracic mobility is especially important. A physical therapist can provide exercises and techniques to improve thoracic mobility, such as foam rolling, stretching, and mobilization techniques. Home therapy services in Los Angeles may also be available for those who need additional support.

One way to test thoracic mobility is through the thoracic rotation test, which involves sitting on the floor with a foam roller or towel behind the mid-back, crossing your arms over your chest, and rotating your upper body to the left and right without forcing the movement. Other tests include the seated flexion test and the thoracic extension test.

In summary, maintaining good thoracic mobility is crucial for overall health and wellness, especially for those in Los Angeles who are recovering from a sports injury. Physical therapy and home therapy services can be valuable resources in improving thoracic mobility and reducing the risk of injury.