The lymph only flows in one way, unlike blood which circulates in different parts of the body. Tissue fluids and metabolic waste from the tissue are being carried away by the lymph vessel system. 

The Lymph is a clear colorless fluid that originally comes from the spaces in the tissues. These excess fluids and proteins found in the tissue channels are accumulated by the initial lymphatics which are located in the affected dermis area of the skin. 

That is why it is important for the lymphatic system to function properly. If the lymph passageways become clogged, damaged, or obstructed, or if the lymph nodes are removed, the proteins will gradually build up in the tissue, which can cause Lymphedema. Experts recommend Manual Lymphatic drainage to help with this problem.

What Does Manual Lymphatic Drainage Do? 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) or most commonly known as lymphatic massage is an in-depth therapy and mild massage technique used to enhance your lymph flow and promotes natural drainage of the lymph all over the body tissues. This method is used to cure various health conditions where the lymph flow may be jeopardized. Such conditions include lymphedema, swollen limbs from diabetes, sports injuries, post-surgical, and many more.

Doctors usually prescribe it to patients to improve recovery from post-surgical swelling, especially after procedures such as liposuction. For instance, a number of clients that require lymphatic treatment or lymphatic therapy are the ones that are experiencing increased swelling and lymph accumulation that occurs after surgical procedures, especially when the client’s lymph nodes are damaged or removed. The light pressure helps stimulate the drainage of the lymph fluid that gathers after trauma to the lymphatic system. 

 After therapy, your lymphatic therapist might also include specific treatments such as sports massage therapy or manual physical therapy that are designated to help improve your lymphatic system. 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Benefits

The benefits of lymphatic therapy are as follows:

  • removes foreign elements from the tissues, metabolic wastes, excess water, toxins, etc.
  • through gentle strokes and precise hand movements, lymphatic therapy serves to ease pain
  • relaxation and help relieve stress.
  • enhances and supports the immune system
  • promotes healing from injuries, surgical trauma, and many more
  • minimizes the formation of scars.

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