If you are experiencing lower back pain, you are not alone. About eighty percent of people suffer lower back pain at some point in their life. It is one of the common reasons for hospital visits and the top reason for work sick leaves. Based on several kinds of research, around fifty percent of adults reported experiencing lower back pain in the past years.

Several people are suffering from lower back pain, which can vary in level from a dull, severe pain to a sudden, sharp feeling that results in immobility. The pain can immediately hit as a result of an injury or by lifting heavy loads, or it can progress the condition as a result of the aging spine.

A passive lifestyle also can also result in lower back pain, especially when a daily workout of doing light exercise is performed with demanding physical activities on some days.

Most of the lower back pains are mild, or temporary which stays for a few days to a couple of weeks. It normally goes away on its own with home treatment and there is no indication of the loss of functionality. Most acute lower back pains are naturally manual, which means there is a disruption in the way the parts of the lower back such as muscle, discs, spine, and nerves coordinate.

Some Treatments for Lower Back Pains

The treatments for lower back pain usually vary depending on the level of discomfort whether acute or chronic. Typically, surgery is highly recommended only when the symptoms damage the nerves and when the laboratory examinations show improvement in the body structure for which necessary surgical procedures have been recommended.

Traditional treatments and their level of healing benefits include:

Heat and Ice Application

The application of heat or ice packs has been widely used to alleviate lower back pain and alleviate inflammation of those with mild, or severe back pain. It allows them to achieve a wider range of flexibility and functionality. This type of treatment is normally performed during sports physical therapy.

Strengthening Exercises

Strengthening the muscles is critical for patients with skeletal irregularities. Like in mobile massage, a certified physical therapist can perform a set of treatment exercises that will help improve coordination, correct posture, and rebuild muscles. 

Massage Therapy

A lower back massage can help revitalize the strength of the major muscle groups. These core muscles strengthen the lower back, improve mobility, increase flexibility, and correct posture that is often utilized together with other treatments.

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