A manual physical therapy is a specialized type of physical therapy applied with the use of hands as opposed to a machine. The therapists use their hands to apply pressure on soft tissues and manipulate joints in order to relieve lower back pain caused by muscle spasm and tension and joint abnormalities.

Techniques in Manual Physical Therapy

Before starting a manual therapy or any type of physical therapy, the therapist normally conducts a detailed check of the blood and nerve supply in the affected areas, as well as muscle and bone evaluation, in order to determine whether or not there is a high risk of complications from the application of the back pain management treatment. Depending on the findings of that evaluation and the individual back pain condition, the therapist provider may conduct some or a combination of the different types of manual physical therapy:

Soft tissue massage works on the muscles of the body. It applies the same pressure like in Swedish physical therapy that can help loosen the muscles, increase blood circulation, break up scar tissue, and relieve pain in the soft tissues such as the muscle.

Mobilization massage applies systematic movements in varying speed, force, and distances to bend, pull, or push bones and joints to its proper position. This can help relax stiff tissues around a joint, reduce pain in joints and muscles, and help with mobility and posture such as in office massage

Benefits of Manual Physical Therapy

A manual therapy can be beneficial for the treatment of muscles and joints that lack flexibility and mobility in some muscular and skeletal conditions. It can result in discomfort and pain that negatively affect the function, posture, and movement. This type of physical therapy is designed to increase movements to tight joints and loosen muscle tension in order to bring back your more natural and normal movement without pain.

Therefore, manual physical therapy is able to deal with back pain relief both for chronic back pain that involves joint issues, such as sacroiliac joint dysfunction. While acute back pain from muscle injuries such as a back or ligament strain. While extensive clinical studies have yet to be conducted on all aspects of manual therapy due to lack of clinical findings and patients support the claims that manual physical therapy can be effective in managing lower back pain for several patients.

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