Hip mobility exercises are among the essential parts of the routine that everyone, especially athletes, can develop and maintain throughout their life. Every day, your hips manage tremendous demand as the hub of your body’s mobility. Improved hip mobility can ease movement and lessen the strain on your body.

So keeping your muscles flexible can help you enhance your stability, flexibility, and strength. And this will also assist you in power through sports efforts. Hip mobility exercises can also assist with some conditions, such as lower back discomfort and knee pain. Check this blog to learn more about the different hip mobility stretches and techniques to maintain healthy and pain-free hips.

Lying Hip Rotations

This simple warmup exercise can help you get into the swing of your hip workout regimen. Begin by reclining on your back and bending both legs. For a nice, deep stretch, cross one ankle over the opposing knee and twist your hips in and out.

Hip Flexor Stretch

A traditional hip flexor stretch is an excellent supplement to any hip mobility routine. This stretch can improve joint flexibility as well as muscular strength. As a result, it can be far more effective than a simple flexibility stretch alone.

Butterfly Stretch

The butterfly stretch stretches your groin muscles and improves hip rotation. Maintain a straight spine and sit erect with your feet together. Press your knee to the ground with your hands and bring your groin to your heels. Repeat on the other side.

Frog Stretch

To finish the frog stretch, go on your hands and knees and spread your knees as wide apart as you can comfortably handle. Keep your feet on the ground and your toes pointing outward while you rock back and forth. And repeat this action several times before relaxing into the stretch.

Bear Sit

The bear sit is a stretch that is both energetic and passive. The bear stretch, when done consistently, can enhance the strength of your inner leg muscles – the hip adductor muscles.

Leg Swings

Leg swings are simple, effective, and soothing mobility exercises. Leg swings are a terrific way to stretch out at the end of a workout or conditioning regimen. They are easy to accomplish and may be done while watching television or multitasking in various ways.

Hip Rotator Stretch

Hip rotators are critical to mobility because they allow your body to move smoothly and transfer weight away from your pelvis, which improves balance and general strength. The hip rotator stretch may be performed while sitting in a chair, making it an excellent exercise to perform while watching television or taking a break from your job.

As a result, athletes must actively consider hip mobility as a vital aspect of their regular conditioning program. Hip mobility exercises can help you avoid injury in the first place and regain strength and flexibility following an injury.

Hip Mobilization: The 5 Different Techniques You Can Try

Hip mobilization techniques can help prevent injuries and ensure physical safety when you engage in other, more strenuous physical activities. Whether you are a competitive runner, a frequent gym goer, a student, a professional athlete, a bodybuilder, a triathlete, or love moving your body, including hip mobilization exercises into your routine will considerably enhance both your physical health and mental confidence.

Here are some of the most common hip mobilization techniques available:

  • Hip Inferior Glide – It’s utilized to increase hip flexion. The procedure is done supine with the hip flexed to 90 degrees. 
  • Hip Anterior GlideIt helps in hip extension and external rotation. Anterior glides are done prone, with the affected leg in a figure-4 posture.
  • Hip Posterior GlideIt helps with hip flexion and internal rotation. A bolster is put under the posterior ischium when lying supine.
  • Hip Medial GlideIts purpose is to increase hip abduction and external rotation.
  • Hip Lateral GlideIt is used to strengthen hip adduction and internal rotation.

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