The hip joint, also known as a ball and socket joint, is where the top of the thigh joins the pelvis. Certain medical disorders like arthritis restrict the hip joint’s range of motion. Intense exercise or work, wearing high heels, and some leg and back injuries can also have a similar effect on this joint. All of this has an impact on hip mobility. Some exercises, however, can assist relax the soft tissue and increase flexibility and mobility in the hip region.

Hip mobility massage therapy is an excellent way to relieve discomfort in this vast muscle group located around the hips. If neglected, it might leave you feeling completely disoriented and unable to carry out your daily routine. Massage regularly can help reduce pain and tension, resulting in substantial changes and better-balanced mobility. Continue reading to find out more about massage for hip flexor discomfort.

Benefits of Hip Massage Therapy

Not all injuries or conditions benefit from massage treatment; nevertheless, many people benefit from frequent massage. Here are some of the potential advantages of massage therapy for hip mobility:

  • Increases blood circulation¬†
  • Better lower body alignment and coordination
  • Decreases hip and lower back pain
  • Improves hip range of motion
  • Increases good hormones
  • Promotes better quality of life
  • Provides relaxation

Seek Professional Massage

Consider seeing a fully qualified and reliable massage therapist or physical therapist, such as Massage Rx, if you are uncertain where to begin or want to leave your pain treatment or relaxation to an expert. They have received specialized training and education in human anatomy and massage methods to offer you the best, maximum relief possible. You can count on professional expertise in the following fields:

Hip flexor massage can provide you with instant relief from stiffness as well as long-term advantages for healing. It works well in conjunction with other therapy methods such as stretching, exercise, foam rolling, and more. If you do not see any improvements after 2-weeks of therapy, or if your symptoms worsen, visit your doctor or professional physical therapist for additional suggestions or consider other possible concerns.

This type of treatment is best administered by our team of fully qualified, insured, and trained massage therapists here at Massage Rx. Please watch the video below for a visual insight into our hip mobility massage therapy procedure:


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