A good back massage is like receiving intimate touch to your body. You can get one for various reasons, including occasional self-care or relief from chronic pain. Professional rubdowns are excellent, but they may be costly (they are, however, the most fantastic alternative if you want bodywork for a sports injury or medical concern). 

However, giving your partner a massage has its own set of advantages. Here are some fundamental back massage ideas and methods to get you started. Your partner will be awe-struck by your “magic” fingertips!

First, find the perfect massage space!

It is critical to utilize an appropriate massage space. You’ll need something solid but comfortable, and it should be long enough to fit your partner’s entire length. If you don’t have a massage table, a floor mat, bed, or futon can suffice. Keep in mind, though, that you must be able to reach the full region of your partner’s back without straining. As a result, if utilizing a couch with a high back will prevent you from accessing one side of your partner’s body, it may not be acceptable.

Set the tone!

Massage is intended to relax and de-stress; thus, if you are giving someone a massage, you should create an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. Dim the lights, listen to calming music and place fragrant candles around your massage area. Also, because your partner will be wearing little (if any) clothes, ensure the temperature in the room is significantly higher than usual.

Choose the best massage oil and scent!

You do not need to use massage oil, but it is common in most professional sessions since it allows hands to glide easily over tight muscle regions. Because you’ll be applying it liberally, it’s best to use a neutral “carrier oil” or moisturizer. If your partner has a favorite (non-overpowering) essential oil aroma, add a couple of drops to the mix.

Inquire about your partner’s pressure tolerances!

Different strokes for different persons apply to massage, so don’t make any assumptions about their pressure preferences (or where) your partner wants to be massaged. Some people want a soft touch throughout, but others believe that a good back massage necessitates going in there and pushing hard. Questions may be the difference between unsatisfied (or even unpleasant) outcomes and those that transform someone into putty in your hands.

Steps to massage your partner’s back

  • Sit or stand at your partner’s head. Rub some drops of oil between your palms. Place your hands at the base of your partner’s neck, palms down, with the spine between your thumbs.
  • Glide your hands down your partner’s back, keeping your hands close to the spine. Hands should be extended from the top of your buttocks to the top of your partner’s hips, then up to their sides and onto their shoulders.
  • Make multiple circles around your shoulder blades with your whole palms.
  • Begin with your hands on their shoulder blades and move your hands down their back, bringing them together over the top of your partner’s buttocks. Glide over the top of their hips once more, then bring your hands back together over their low back.
  • Slide your hands up their back, keeping the spine between the edges of your thumbs.
  • Slide your hands out across the tops of their shoulders and then back together to the base of your partner’s neck at the top of the shoulders. Repeat 3–5 times more.
  • Slide your palms out over the tops of your partner’s shoulders, beginning at the base of the neck. Slide onto their upper arm, then down their arms, onto their hands, then off their hands with your fingers moving between theirs.
  • Repeat these strokes 3–5 times more, adjusting the direction and mixing them as desired. As required, add extra oil.

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