The ankle is the joint between the foot and the leg, composed of three separate bones: 

  • the inner bone (tibia or shinbone) that supports weight and standing
  • the outer bone (fibula or calf bone)
  • the ankle bone (talus), which the tibia and fibula joined together. It is also one of the major tarsal bones (bones at the back of your foot).

A sprained ankle is a common injury for athletes and anyone active in sports and physical activities. After an ankle injury, most people will experience chronic ankle instability. For this reason, it is vital to strengthen and stretch your ankle after the injury to help decrease the risk and improve your mobility.

Safe & Fast Ankle Rehabilitation

Ankle injuries can be tough to rehab, so working with a certified physical therapist may be the best way to help regain your mobility and get back on your feet quickly and safely. Typically, ankle rehab programs begin with non-weight bearing ankle motion exercises and advance to weight-bearing exercises. 

Restoring your ankle should be done in a slow and careful manner. Review the ankle exercises in the link provided below to improve your ankle. Be sure to check in with your doctor or physical therapist first before starting any exercises for your injured ankle:

Your physical therapist can help you choose the best strengthening and stretching exercises for your condition. They can guide you in your rehab towards recovery, gaining back ankle mobility and strength. 

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