Honey Massage increases micro capillary blood circulation in the skin, which will result in the dissolving of cellulite cells while firming, toning, and detoxifying the body. A combination of essential oils such as tangerine, orange, and lemon, with honey, increases the anti-cellulite effect. Honey massage is very popular in Europe and Asia as an ancient treatment. For best results, at least ten sessions are required within a one-day interval. It is considered an excellent restorative procedure due to the therapeutic substances found in the honey. These enter the body through the skin’s upper layer during the therapy or massage.

Honey has many benefits, including:

  • warms the body
  • natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory
  • aids recovery from illness
  • helps fight cellulite
  • promotes slimming
  • restores smoothness and flexibility of the skin
  • purges the body of toxins
  • removes excess fluids
  • reduces swelling
  • smoothes formations of fine wrinkles

A gentle, full-body honey massage can be given for great relaxation and pleasure you need and deserve. However, these massages are not recommended for people with allergies to bee products or people with high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, varicose veins, skin diseases, and serious wounds or inflammations.

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Why Choose Massage Rx?

Massage Rx presents the new honey massage, a unique treatment for gaining anti-cellulite skin. Our honey massage will be delivering not only medical treatment benefits but also cosmetic procedures. We start by rubbing the body with a glove to warm the tissues. Then we provide the massage, with honey rubbed into the skin until the honey has been completely absorbed, leaving only a thin layer on the skin.

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