Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are caused by poor posture and movement that can affect shoulders, elbows, wrists/hands, knees, neck, and backs. The condition can affect:

  • Tendons (tendinitis)
  • Veins (varicose)
  • Nerves (carpal tunnel)
  • Muscles (strain)
  • Bursa (bursitis)
  • Bone fractures

Hairstylists and electricians are predisposed to this condition. Their daily work can cause wear and tear on their musculoskeletal system, leading to MSDs, and these include:

  • standing or sitting in the same position for hours
  • engaging in the same, repetitive motion
  • lifting heavy objects
  • maintaining poor posture on the job

How MSDs Can Be Treated?

Your doctor will recommend the best treatment plan based on your condition and the severity of the pain. They usually suggest any of the following:

  • Exercises
  • OTC medications
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy

Physical therapy has been known for years in helping you learn how to manage the pain and discomfort you are having, maintain your strength and range of motion, and adjust your daily activities and workplace setting.

Here at Massage Rx, our purpose is to help all our clients create and maintain a healthy and safe working environment. We will provide reliable information and education to allow our clients to avoid unnecessary injury. Also, we provide consultation regarding proper workstation setup and recommendations to modify their workstation setting. Not only can we help them at work but also can be applied in their homes, hobbies, or helping their friends and coworkers who may have similar issues.

Tips & Must-Haves For Hairstylists and Electricians to Prevent MSDs

Hair Stylists

  • Must have an adjustable hairdressing chair, rolling stool, and trolley
  • Utilize an ergonomic pair of scissors
  • Have a good hairbrush and hair dryers
  • A good, comfortable protective shoes
  • Have a good, healthy posture (involves holding the head upright, keeping the neck and back straight, and the shoulders should be relaxed and low.
  • Adapt good techniques (such as blow-dry hair with both hands, limit moving around, and dry long hair before blow-drying)


  • During wire pulls, minimize pressure and reduce the amount of force required for the process by lubricating wires and cables.
  • Choose materials and tools that are as light as possible and come with padded, slip-resistant handles made from rubber or flexible plastic.
  • Use the right size gloves.
  • When constructing cable trenches, stop bending and turning, which can result in lower back injuries.
  • Wear knee pads if a job involves kneeling.

For more information about proper and good posture for hairstylists and electricians, see our video here:

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