These days it can be easy to spend too long sitting, whether at work doing all the workload or driving miles after miles, which leads to tight hips and create restrictions along with all sorts of niggles and pain. In this modern digital world, our body doesn’t tend to do as much movement through its fullest range of motion as it should. It can lead to the hip restriction, lower back pain, and knee problems, which restricts your ability to move correctly and freely.

According to Wikipedia, the hip refers to either an anatomical region or a joint. Its role is to retain the balance and maintain the pelvic inclination angle. That is why your hips are a huge movement hub of your body, so when they get tight and painful, no wonder how they can easily cause havoc elsewhere in the body. However, when moving our body correctly and having proper stretching exercise, we can help prevent future injuries and other circumstances that can lead to hip immobility and lessen our quality of life.

That is why we at Massage Rx put together this blog to help provide you with some knowledge that a balanced hip is a must to prevent any niggles in the future.

Reduce Aches and Pain with Massage Rx

Hip stiffness leads to many painful conditions in and around your hip that can prevent you from accomplishing your daily activities. In older adults, limited hip mobility is associated with hip arthritis, spinal stenosis, knee arthritis, and other conditions. In athletes, hip stiffness is linked with hip impingement, labral tears, groin pain, low back pain, knee pain, and others.

Our goal here at Massage Rx is to help you spend more time doing the things you love and function your body in the way you choose with our comprehensive and effective Manual Physical Therapy for hip mobility. We are known for offering the best manual physical therapy in treating body pains, including hip mobility!

Whether you are a traveler, athlete, manual laborer, or elderly, the experienced therapists at Massage Rx can develop and implement a program that can alleviate your body pain and restore your hip mobility in no time. For years, our body pain therapies have been increasing and on-demand because we provide exceptional pain management treatments and therapies, including Swedish Massage Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Los Angeles, which countless residents trust us with all their body pain therapy needs. 

Let us show you our video here how we treat and improve your hip mobility:

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