Going to the grocery during this time is not the same anymore and while some of us loved going grocery shopping it is now a place of high anxiety and stress. During these times it is important to always be vigilant and stay safe. Going out to run an errand is not normal anymore. You can’t just simply step out your door with your kids and go do what you need to go do without having to worry about you and your kids. Massage Rx wants to make sure that you and your family stay safe.

Steps to take when going to the grocery store:

  1. Make a grocery list so you won’t have to be at the store longer than you have to. 
  2. Make sure that you have a mask on 
  3. If you have hand sanitizer bring that with you 
  4. If you have gloves bring them with you
  5. If you have disinfecting wipe bring them as well
  6. When leaving your home make sure that your mask is on (do not put on your gloves on in the car) wait till you get to the store
  7. Once you arrive at the store put your gloves on
  8. If needed grab a cart and wipe down the handle of the cart with disinfecting wipe
  9. Grab all the things in your grocery list 
  10. Pay and head to your car
  11. Put all your groceries in your trunk 
  12. Take off your gloves properly and dispose of them properly too
  13. Get in your car and disinfect your hands with hand sanitizer 

Steps when getting home with groceries:

  1. Put a clean pair of gloves (optional)
  2. Clear your countertop 
  3. Spray your countertop with disinfectant and let it sit for 30 seconds then wipe it down
  4. Bring your groceries in and place them on one half of the countertop the other half will be to place groceries that you have already cleaned
  5. Grab paper towels and spray the disinfectant on the paper towel
  6. Wipe down all groceries that are packaged except for produce (ex: chip bag, a gallon of milk, meat packaging)
  7. All the products can be placed in your sink for rinsing later 
  8. Once you’re done wiping down your groceries throw away the grocery bags and wipe down the rest of the countertop. 
  9. When rinsing your fruits and veggies take them out of the packaging (ex avocados, Apples, Bell peppers, oranges, zuchinnies) rinse them or scrub them down with soap that doesn’t have too many chemicals then place them in ziplock bags (optional)  

Last steps:

  1. Take off the clothing that you went in and throw it in the hamper
  2. Take a shower
  3. Peace of mind!