Are you working out four times a week and getting a good tissue massage after a couple of weeks?  If not, you may experience muscle tension and your workouts will be affected.

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

As a sports physical therapy, a deep tissue massage is a massage therapy that makes use of hard and steady pressure and deep, slow strokes to hit the deeper layers of our muscles and the supporting tissues surrounding it. This pressure will help to alleviate the scar tissues due to an injury and it also reduces the tensions and strains within our muscles and tissues.

Does it Hurt?

Most people getting the massage therapy usually feel some discomfort and pain at some point during the session. It is essential to inform the therapist when it gives much discomfort and the pain you felt is outside the range or level of tolerance. It is normal to feel some discomfort a few days after a deep tissue massage even drinking the recommended amount of water. It only means a lot of toxic products were taken out of the tissues. It should disappear before long.

What to Expect?

The deep tissue massage techniques are applied to relieve scar tissue and physically loosen up muscle tensions or adhesions that can affect blood circulation and give discomfort, limited mobility, and inflammation.  At the start of a deep tissue massage, softer pressure is typically applied to stimulate and set the muscles. The therapist may apply fingertips, knuckles, hands, elbows, and forearms while performing a deep tissue massage session. You may be advised to inhale deeply as the massage therapist focuses on the affected areas. At the end of the massage, you may feel some tension or pain, but it should cool down within a day or so. 

What Benefits I Can Get?

Below are the five benefits of a deep tissue massage:

  1. It increases your range of motion when working out and efficiency in rebuilding muscles and burning calories.
  2. It lowers your level of stress hormones while boosting and releasing  “feel good” brain chemicals such as dopamine and endorphin.
  3. It does not only help you be physically healthy but also sleep better as it relieves the pain and increases serotonin level like the effect of couples massage therapy.
  4. It promotes immediate recovery by improving your blood circulation and reducing muscle inflammation.
  5. It boosts your overall wellness and health by improving blood pressure and lung function.

A deep tissue massage is not just an ordinary massage with deep pressure.  While it may relieve some conditions, a massage treatment doesn’t need to be painful to be effective. To reap the full benefit of the massage, communicate well with your therapist.