The guideline for ankle pain assessment includes taking a patient’s history and doing an objective evaluation. Continue reading to discover more about the various ankle pain exams and more!

Ankle Assessment: The Investigations & Tests

Special investigations and tests are used to confirm the clinical diagnosis of ankle pain:


  • X-rays: An X-ray can assist in the investigation of bone, air, and soft tissue injuries.
  • Ultrasound: It is a non-invasive, inexpensive, and easily accessible instrument that is indicated as a first-line diagnostic technique for ruling out torn ligaments, tendonitis, tenosynovitis, plantar fasciitis, and soft tissue tumors.
  • MRI: According to published research, MRI is a modality employed in numerous ankle soft tissue illnesses because of its high resolution and contrast.
  • CT Scan: In the case of an ankle injury, a CT scan is suggested as a modality for assessing the passive subsystem. It is a convenient gadget that may be utilized during surgery. It is capable of measuring and analyzing ankle bone position and abnormalities.

Most Common Specialized Tests

  • Ottawa Ankle Test
  • Knee To Wall Test
  • Anterior Drawer Test
  • Squeeze Test
  • External Rotation Test
  • Cotton Test

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Is it safe to have a massage when suffering from ankle pain?

An ankle pain occurs when the ankle ligaments are strained or damaged. A sprained ankle massage performed by a massage therapist, such as us here at Life Rx, is an excellent therapeutic option that may be used after the acute injury time has gone. Massage can help reduce swelling and discomfort and speed up recovery time.

Great reasons why massage therapy works for ankle pain:

  • Affective Touch: Interpersonal contact can lessen responsiveness to stresses and increase impact by mediating the release of oxytocin and endogenous opioids.
  • Contextual Factors: The therapeutic touch controls the mood, anticipation, and conditioning.
  • Manipulation of Pain: Somatic sensory nerve input can impact neuro-immune processes associated with pain sensitivity.
  • Mechanical Aspects: Applied pressures cause a reaction that aids in reducing intraneural edema and the rapid elimination of harmful by-products of inflammation. 

Structures to Keep in Mind For Ankle Pain

A massage therapy treatment plan should be implemented and done depending on the results of the client-specific assessment and the client’s tolerance. Structures to consider while examining and treating individuals with ankle pain include neurovascular structures and investing fascia of:

  • Plantar Fascia
  • Adductor Hallucis
  • Flexor Hallucis Brevis
  • Tibialis Anterior
  • Metatarsals & Interossei
  • Tibialis Posterior
  • Triceps Surae
  • And Others

Different Massage Therapy Techniques For Ankle Pain

Sprained ankle recovery can be a lengthy and painful procedure, but including different massage therapy techniques, such as the following, can help you heal quicker and get back to doing the things you like:


  • When you’re still in the acute phase of an injury, the massage therapist may use effleurage to avoid producing discomfort or further harm to your ankle.

Therapeutic Massage

  • If you suffer an inversion sprain from an inwardly rolled ankle, the ligaments in plantar and dorsiflexion will be addressed or treated.

Lymphatic Massage

  • A sprained ankle will cause severe swelling in the ankle, foot, and lower leg. And the swelling is caused by a buildup of fluid within the tissues. Encourage lymphatic massage to transfer fluid from the tissue back into the vessels and away from the injury.

Sports Massage

  • The wounded ankle will be prone to instability; nevertheless, with the assistance of a massage therapist and strengthening exercises, you may avoid re-injury and return to sports.

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Begin by seeking an experienced massage therapist or certified physical therapist, such as us here at Life Rx, to do the massage. Self-massage is not appropriate at this time as ankle injuries are significant, and improper massage techniques can aggravate the situation.

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